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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Poochie is our dog. He is a Philippine dog (hehehe, you know what I mean). I love him and it is good to see him big and strong every day. I think it will be his third year or fourth year here in the house. I hope he’ll survive more years to come. He is a disciplined dog and that’s why I love him so much. He does not poo poo and pee inside the house. He does it outside the house and he’ll make noise to call my lolo so to escort him outside. He is not a tweetum dog. He protects us from strangers. He is like a lion. He’ll eat you if you come close to us. He is very attentive. His sense is amazing. He’ll bark when somebody is trying to enter our gate. Oh! I just love Poochie! And mind you, I love dogs!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ergo Baby

My Tita Rhea gave me an Ergo Baby T-shirt. It was sent to her from Hawaii because of her written article about the Ergo baby company. It didn’t fit her that’s why she gave it to me. It is a white cute t shirt. The texture of the cloth is so smooth and very comfortable to wear. I hope I could have a page rank already so I can submit an application letter to the pay u2 blog. I am excited to do assignment. (hehehe) anyway, I saw the website of ergo baby and that website is for infants and babies’ things. All their products are cute and I wish I could buy them some day for my baby (hopefully after 8 years).

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Wallets from my very(so much) kind tita rhea! She’s the one who bought me my blog domain (she always give me a lot of things! hehehe! I super love her!). on the top is the Tommy Hilfiger, the second one is from sari sari store which she gave me on my birthday several years ago. The third one is a Marithe Francois Girbaud which is my super favorite and what I’m using now. I really like it because it looks elegant and organized. My friends like it too. I love its color of red and the metal printed with its brand is so nice.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Let’s talk about shoes. I am not that fond of shoes but I like the feeling when I glance at them and wanting to have one or two only. I can’t expend so much money buying shoes because I myself don’t notice the foot wear of people. Maybe I hate shoes because whenever I try to fit it, there will always be a conflict of these and that. my feet is so sensitive and I think they were not same in size. My right feet is bigger that’s why I can’t easily find shoes that will make me so comfortable. I bear a grudge on my black shoes during the first year college. I got a lot of scar! That shoe was expensive and I only used it for about two months. I gave it to my cousin last July and I’m so happy to know that it fits her. I love my black shoes this semester from Mendrez Women (on the middle of the picture). Actually I have two black shoes this semester. The other one from Otto shoes (I don’t like it that much). The other picture is my brother’s shoes. A Mario D’boro black hoes and a Converse (I don’t have one).

Monday, December 13, 2010


These handkerchiefs were bought last June 2010. It was five Annika and four Armanndo Caruso hankies. Today, December 2010, four of those hankies survive my clumsiness. I lost two Armando and three Annika were gone because of my gracelessness. Whenever I lost a hankie, I feel as if I lost a lot of money and then will be irritated the whole day. I love colorful and elegant designs on my hankies. I want to collect handkerchiefs but I think it is not necessary for me to do so. Sometimes I bring tissue and use it as my hanky so I will not lose the remaining. It was so expensive that’s why I’m feeling very annoyed when I lose one.

Friday, December 10, 2010

categories of ratios

There are four categories of ratios. The liquidity ratio, profitability ratio, activity ratio and the debt ratio. According to Lawrence Gitman, liquidity ratio is a firm’s ability to satisfy its short term obligations as they fall due. Activity ratios measure the speed with which various accounts are converted into sales or cash inflows or outflows. Profitability ratios enable analysts to evaluate the firm’s profits with respect to a given level of sales, a certain level of assets or the owners’ investment. Hmmm, that is all for today! I hope you learned from my articles.

Friday, December 3, 2010

financial analysis

I am reading about the financial analysis this afternoon because we will be having a recitation this coming Wednesday. Financial Analysis is an in depth review or study of the basic financial statements. It is connected with balance sheet that shows the position of the business and Income statement that shows the result of the operation. In financial analysis, the ratios are interpreted. These ratios are tools that are used in analyzing financial statement. There are two types of ratio comparison, the time series analysis and the cross sectional analysis. The time series analysis is the comparison of a single firm for two consecutive years while the cross sectional analysis is the comparison of two or more firms for financial ratios at the same point in time.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

cash outflow statements

I am a Financial Management Student and I’m taking up Managerial Finance part 1 this semester. I would like to share my knowledge about my course. For now, I am trying to be particular with the sources and uses of cash. Cash inflows also called as sources of cash are the decrease in asset that can be the collection of accounts receivable and the selling of goods and inventories. There is also the increase in liability that can be the borrowings of money (notes payable), net profit, depreciation or prepayments, and the sale or issuance of stock. While, cash outflows also called as uses of cash are the increase in asset that can be the purchases of fixed asset, the decrease in liability, net loss, dividends payment and the retirement of stocks.

Friday, November 26, 2010

reaction paper in beowulf


When I first heard about the title, I was disappointed because it sounds like it was so dull that I will just feel very sleepy and tired. I like the name of the hero since it sounds very unique and appealing but it will sound even more appealing if the title is not that. They should have think of a unique title. It is very effortless that the title is the name of the hero. It is so common. I didn’t have the second thought because it’s obvious that the title is the main character of the story or the film.

The effect of the film caught my eye. I was really amazed about the animation. It looks like half real people but half cartoon. I like the effects but I’m not quite satisfied about some scene. Some scenes are violent and can affect the audience. There are some parts that I can’t even open my eyes because it was disgusting.

I like the fact that Beowulf offered himself to attack Grendel. He volunteered himself as the savior of that country. That’s a good example for the audience. He is very strong and has the confidence to fight. He sets a good example as he thinks about other people’s life before his own. He served his people. He risked his own life for the people on the kingdom. But the best trait that he has is not fearing of his own death. He didn’t care about all the wealth that he had received.

I will react about the Queen. There is a part when they are old. Beowulf found another girl with a very youthful face but the queen didn’t react about it. She doesn’t care about the girl. She should have not agreed with that. She is the legal wife so she has the right to do something about it. It is not a good example even in the part of Beowulf. He should have stick to his loving queen all along. She is very kind and almost perfect. And as for the second wife, she should have stay away since she know that the legal wife is still there and she know that it is not right from the start. What king Horthgar deed is not also good. He should have also stick to one. He should have not slept with Grendel’s mother, as his queen still exists.

There are also some parts that I didn’t understand because of the accent of the voice. They should have pronounced it very clearly. But they are good. Really good!

I am just wondering about the characters, why they have to be naked when fighting like the king, Beowulf and the mother of Grendel. This is the first time that I saw a hero that is naked. Angelina Jolie who played the role of the mother of Grendel has a great body. I like her body. She is so beautiful but sad to say that she didn’t appear often in the movie.

Beowulf is a great example for the people. He is ready to die for his own kingdom and he is not afraid to die. He thinks first about other people before himself. He is ready to fight. I just hope that there are some people like him that still exist.

I like the character of Wiglaf because he showed us that he was a true friend. He was always beside Beowulf. He didn’t ask for more. He is a good example for all of us. He didn’t wished for wealth so he was blessed. He was Beowulf’s replacement so now he has the kingdom and that’s a great achievement.

In the first part, there is a character that have said something like “we don’t need God, we need a hero”. I don’t like that part but I know it’s just a movie and I shouldn’t be preaching about God and stuff.

I notice some effects that made the movie so messy. Maybe the director used so mush of the effects. I advice them not to depend it all to their new technologies. They should have control the lighting effects and the sounds. Some part is not also realistic and they should have enhance it to look more down-to-earth.


i found the files of my summaries of novels in my usb. I read it again and it was so funny. i made these summary when I'm in second year high school.


The kingdom of king Horthgar is having a party and all are enjoying that they are shouting and singing and chatting until Grendel suddenly attacked them. He was so strong that all the people there can’t control him. All the servants and people tried to fight him but no one can stop him. When king Horthgar showed up to him, he did not dare to fight him. He didn’t even touch him and that’s because he is his father. The kingdom was looking for a hero because for them, God can’t take the action. Then came Beowulf. He is unbeatable and he has all the qualities that a hero must have. According to him, he already encountered many monsters and he defeated them all since he doesn’t fear death. The king agreed to his offer and Unferth was very jealous about it. So the king asked for another party. Beowulf met Whealtheow. He can’t take his eyes of her. In the evening, he asked all the servants to sing very loud. Grendel attacked them again but Beowulf was able to cut his arm then he found out about Grendel’s sensitive ear so he hit it. Grendel died but his mother was still there to have revenge. Because of the triumph, the king gave him the golden horn then Grendel’s mother showed up to him. She took the horn. Beowulf slept with her at the cave. After that, the king suicide so Beowulf replaced him. He was now Whealthow’s husband. The kingdom goes on well as he takes charge until a dragon attacked them again. Grendel’s mother showed up again with the dragon. He managed to kill the dragon but he didn’t survive. He died. Wiglaf took charge because he is a great friend. The dragon that Beowulf killed is his own son and he knows that. In the end, Wiglaf found out that there is something that happened between the mother and Beowulf.

example of resume in Filipino

Iah Marie Centeno Evangelista

Mandaluyong City




Pamantasan ng Silangan Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

2219 C.M. Recto Ave. Manila Major in Financial Management

Taong Panuruan 2008-2012


Good Shepherd Christian School Taong Panuruan 2004-2008

71 I. Lopez St. Mandaluyong City


Good Shepherd Christian School Taong Panuruan 1999-2004

71 I. Lopez St. Mandaluyong City


Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Nobyembre 2011-Abril 2012

Roxas Boulevard

Convergys July 2012-December 2012

72 Bonifacio, Ortigas


Miyembro, BIORHYTHM, Pamantasan ng Silangan, Pebrero 26, 2009.

Miyembro, POWERUP, Pamantasan ng Silangan, Pebrero 18, 2009.

Miyembro, BUSINESS TALK: A DISCUSSION ON ECONOMICS TODAY, Pamantasan ng Silangan, Pebrero 18, 2009.

Miyembro, HOME PLANET, Pamantasan ng Silangan, Marso 15-20, 2008.


Junior Finance Executives (JFINEX) Taong 2010-2012

Junior Confederation of Finance Taong 2010-2012

Associations-Philippines (JCFAP)

Junior Philippines Institute of Accountants (JPIA) Taong 2008-2010

Pamantasan ng SIlangan

Junior Philippines Institute of Accountants (JPIA) Taong 2008-2010

National Capital Region


Aimee Fernandez

Propesor, Pamantasan ng Silangan


Dyann Lasala

CPA, MBT Brokerage


Joel Temporal

Propesor, Pamantasan ng Maynila



Marunong gumamit ng iba-ibang besiyon ng Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Exel at Visual Basic. Sanay sa pagiging Stock broker o Trading Participant sa Philippine Stock Exchange. Marunong mag Kompyut ng Capital Gains at iba pang trabaho ng Financial Analyst.


Edad : 21 yrs. old

Kasarian : Female

Kapanganakan : February 18, 1992

Nasyonalidad : Filipino

Timbang : 5’1

Taas : 110 lbs

Sibil Istatus : Single

Relihiyon : Romanong Katoliko

Nasasalitang Dayalekto : Pilipino at Ingles

Ang lahat ng nabanggit sa taas ay totoo at tama.

relating arrow to research

An arrow represents direction and ambition. Drawn aggressively, they represent a desire for action. Drawn in careful outline, they indicate a desire for progression or advancement, especially if pointing upwards. Arrows traditionally have masculine associations. Drawn with a heart, it becomes cupid's arrow. While Research can be defined as the search for knowledge, or as any systematic investigation, with an open mind, to establish novel facts, usually using a scientific method. The primary purpose for research is discovering, interpreting, and the development of methods and systems for the advancement of human knowledge on a wide variety of scientific matters of our world and the universe.

An arrow can be a symbol for doing a research because relating the two will come up with good results. It goes when doing a research, we need to do it systematically or chronologically to come up with good results but doing it without direction will not come up to good answers and results. A research needs a direction, which represents the arrow, in able to be effective and efficient. Generally, research is understood to follow a certain structural process. Though step order may vary depending on the subject matter and researcher.

There are many kinds of arrows but almost all of it represents direction. It symbolizes many things and people may view according to their own interpretation. There are many kinds of people with different interpretation about it. It is up to them how they will interpret and understand it. For me, arrow symbolizes a path and direction with a systematic process. Whatever decision we made will always affect the things or situation that is coming next. If we start it the right way then it may come well. Life is a matter of choice because it goes systematically.

types of goods

Good – is anything that satisfies human wants and needs

Types of Goods

Free Goods – these are goods provided by nature. Examples of free goods are air, sunlight, rain water, etc. Economic Goods – are goods made by man. There are two types of Economic goods. First is the Consumer good that is also known as the Final goods – are goods which directly satisfy human wants. Examples of these are food, clothing, shelter, etc. second type is the producer or capital goods that are goods which will be used to produce other goods. Examples of these are machinery, tools and raw materials.

factors of production

These are what I learned from my Economics (land reform and Taxation)

Factors of production –refers to the gifts of nature or the natural resources
2.labor – refers to the man power or the exertion of human effort to acquire an income – refers to produced goods which will be used to produce other goods

Is money a capital?

NO! Money is an instrument used to acquire land, labor and capital to produce goods.

4.entrepreneur - is the one who combines land labor and capital to produce goods for profit

Monday, November 22, 2010

hi friends, just want to ask.

Hi friends!

I need your help. i really want to start may blogging career so i could provide for my own tuition fees and something like that. I can't submit my form because i don't have page ranks. i really don't know what to do to have that page rank. so i am asking you now how can i increase my page rank. i hope you could help me because I'm really desperate on starting my blogging career to provide for my own needs in school. haisst... i'm really disturbed about my tuition fees. it's so expensive

thank you!!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Here are my grades last semester (3rd year 1st sem).

Technical Writing 1.25

Business Math 1.25

Human Resource Management 1.5

Microeconomics 2

Law on Obligations and Contracts 2.25

Investment Principles 1.5

Life and Works of Rizal 1.25

Pagbasa at Pagsulat 1.5

Thank You God! I Love You!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

sorry for the inconvenience

My tita bought me my own domain...unfortunately, the list of blogs that i exchanged links to were erased..i will try to look and add you again..sorry and thank you. kindly inform me if you are deleted so i can add it back

Saturday, October 23, 2010

filipino defense

The defense on that Filipino thesis is quite stressful also. Our topic is about the effects of E-learning in the Business Administration in UE. We sat in front facing the professor in the middle of the room. We are corporately dressed with our name tags. She browsed the rough draft of our thesis and we can see her marking and editing our thesis. We have to revise it and then after thirty minutes, the defense started. I was expecting that I would be the last one to be called. So sad that some of my group mates didn’t answer so well. If only I could help them. My question is very easy because I worked on that chapter and fortunately she get the question from my work. I felt a little better after the defense.


I’m back! The first semester is over and I’m so sad that I didn’t visit my blog in the past few weeks because I am so so so busy with the completion of the requirements. I was working on my Filipino thesis since I’m the leader of our group, I need to check and edit so many things. It is really hard for me to work with them. Some of my group mates are responsible but some are naggers. i will never accept any leader position anymore. it was so stressful that I have to sacrifice a lot. My professor is a perfectionist that’s why it’s really hard. She likes it perfectly done. It was a pure tagalog thesis and we have to search for 15 studies and 15 literature. Gawd!

Friday, September 17, 2010


The result in my Financial Management exam is good. I got 43/50 which is equivalent to 93%. I got 80% in the exam in filipino and my midterm grade is 92% or 1.5. I got 100% in history exam also because of the plus grades. Finals na and I have to keep my grades up because only 1/3 of my midterm grades could help and 2/3 will be based on my performance in the finals. I am so pressured because I want high grades this semester.

business law

The result in my business law exam is okay. I never expect that I would get high grades in this subject. Law professors are hard to please and they give low grades like my former professor in Political Science, who gave me 2.25 even I got two 100 in her recitation and 93 in her final exam. We discovered that the highest grade that she gave is two. Law professors are difficult to please (urgghhh). They ruin my transcript of records. Going back to my grade in BL, I got 2.5 in the prelim and 2.75 in the midterms! I always read the book but then taking her exam is like taking a Bar exam! I am not fond to law professors.

business math

The result of my exam in business math is unexpected! I got 96/100 (=D). I thought my score will only in the range of 70-80. The funny thing is I copied two of my answers to Aaron and when we compared the paper, he got 5/1o on both the same number I copied and I got 8/10 (hahaha). If you’ll compare our answers, it was exactly the same! No more no less (hahaha). He only got 64/100 only because he didn’t copy all my answers. He only copied two to three because nakakahiya naman daw!

after the exams

One of the greatest feeling when you are in college is after the exam because there will be no discussions and lectures, some professors will just let you rest but then some will give the result of the exam and that’s my topic for now. I got 77/85 in English and I am very satisfied because the highest is 80/85. The result in my HRM exam is not satisfactory. I got 39/50 that is equivalent to 89% and the questions that are equivalent to three quizzes turned out to be just what I expected. It was not good and I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, my Microeconomics exam is excellent! I got 50/50 and I was the only one able to perfect it. I was glad but then the negative effect is that my professor knows me na and I think that she will always call me in the recitation (haiizzt).

Friday, September 10, 2010


Continuation of my Monday struggles.

The third exam is the Microeconomics. I didn’t study in this subject because there is James on my left side and Joseph on my right side. They are quite good. It was a team work. I copied their computation and I was in charged of the identification part and wollah! So chicken nuggets! The fourth exam is the business mathematics. There are ten problems which are ten points each and I was not satisfied with some of my answers. then then the fifth exam is my major financial management. I already know the answers last Friday because of the you know “the L thing”( all college students practice this way of having high grades).

five exams on a monday

My Monday turned out to be so quiet but full of doubts and questions about my Exams. My first exam is English that I thought would be easy for me to answer but I’m so wrong because of that Test II which we have to identify the ungrammaticality or if there is something wrong with the subject, verb and pronoun then we changed it to make it correct. It was so nakaka-bobo because I couldn’t find any (hehehe). The second exam is the human resource management. The exam is kind of easy but there are terms that I forgot. I was just worrying about the quiz that is incorporated in the exam. We are asked to define three words that are five points each and it is equivalent to three quizzes because we don’t have any quizzes in the subject. I’ll just continue my Monday story in the next article.

midterms in FI and HI

My exam in Filipino is irritating. We are given a title of a thesis and w have to create a paglalahad ng suliranin thing. It was not easy because she is a perfectionis professor and I know that she will not be satisfied with my answer so I’m expecting a low grade this midterm. Another exam is the history. It was easy and I enjoyed it because it was full of the characters of Noli me tangere and El filibusterismo, I’m expecting to have five to six mistakes and that’s okay because it is still high.

Friday, September 3, 2010

don't read..waste of time

My head is empty and I can’t write anything so just ignore this article because I really don’t have so much to say. Can’t think of any topic to discuss and I don’t have the mood to think of anything. I hope that this article will end with a little sense. Here I am, typing something that is against my will and I really don’t want to stop because I wanted it to reach sixty words so that it will be valid. I hope it I now sixty words so I can stop this.

time flies so fast

College life is so much fun. Time flies so fast and I can’t believe that I’m already in the third year. I can’t imagine myself working but I’m so excited but then studying is fun if we try to realize beyond it. being a college student is so much fun than working. I experience a lot of feeling in this stage of life. A barrel of happiness, a teaspoon of anger, a cup of hope, a spoon of loyalty and so on. I will never forget my college life and my college friends. I hope that our communication still goes on after we graduate. They are part of my happiness in this stage and I will always treasure it.


It was over. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now but I know that half part of me is lonely, gloomy and in the dark side but then some part of me is a little excited to discover what will happen after that break up. I am very sad because it was two years and seven months. It will be hard for me to move on but then again there are things that excite me. Back then, there are times that I want to be alone because being with him everyday is so predictable and it happened to be a repetition. Now that I am alone, I am looking forward to what will happen to me. One thing is for sure, I will not be available even if I’m single. Maybe after five years but not now. I learned a lot from the relationship and I think I will not be so happy anymore if I try to fix it. I’ll just let it be. I have so many plans with my life and I will jut concentrate to achieve it alone.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

simple question

I was called in the recitation in history today. I am not satisfied with my answer because that bwisit na professor ask about what did the sepulturero( a man that cleans the cemetery or it someone in the cemetery) said to Ibarra that will point out that Padre Damaso is the one who commanded that the body of Don Rafael(father of Ibarra should be buried in a Chinese cemetery). I was so irritated about the question. I forgotten about it because it was taught when I was in third year high school and it was too specific question. I really want to slap her that time. The questions of my other classmates were too easy like who is Sisa? Describe the character blah blah blah. I hate her so much!


I force myself to get up this morning. I didn’t want to go to school. i want to sleep more because I can’t sleep last night. I am sleeping but my head is not. I don’t know what I’m thinking about but I know I am sleeping while thinking of something. I force myself to listen to the professors. On my economics subject, I just think about our relationship. Well, I came up to a decision; I decided to just ignore him. If he want to break up then be it I ill not be that affected anymore. in the past few weeks, I feel like I don’t want to see him and I’m too tired to understand him. I just can’t leave him because I’m the only one who can lean on to. His family is at the province but now that he’s giving me a headache, I would just do what he wants me to do. if he wants to be separated then be it. he is not a lost. Maybe I would gain something if that happens. I am now ready and happy for what I’ve decided. Thank God.

death anniversary

Today is the death anniversary of my mom’s father. we went to Tondo so early because there will be a lunch gathering(or whatever you call that). it was not that fun but I just thought about what we are celebrating that’s why I’m not supposed to have fun for we are celebrating the death of my grand father. My brother and I are not fond of the Centeno family because we didn’t grow up with them. We are raised here in Mandaluyong in the house of my father’s that is why we are too quiet when we are with the Centeno family. Though, the Centeno family is very kind to us especially to my mom. My mom’s mother is so helpful, she always give to those who are in need without asking for anything. We call her Nanay. She always helps my mother when we are in need. She always gives us something that would satisfy our need and she won’t let us pay. I hope God will give her more time because my mother will be too sad if we lose her.

letter to the dean

I will just share the letter that i have maid for the dean of college of business administration in UE. It is not perfect but it is just a sample for the students who are taking up subjects that requires thesis.

Pamantasan ng Silangan
Kolehiyo ng mga
2219 Claro M. Recto, Manila

Bb. Elizalde
Dean, College of Business Administration
University of the East, Manila

Mahal na Dekana :

Kami po ang mga maaaral na nasa seksiyon B5C ng asignaturang Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Iba’t Ibang Disiplina sa ilalim ng pagtuturo ni Propesor Rosalie G. Yap ay humihingi ng pahintulot na makapamahagi ng talatanungan (survey questionnaire) sa mga mag-aaral ng College of Business Administration.

Ang mga impormasyong matitipon ay aming gagamitin para sa isang pananaliksik na may pamagat na: “ Epekto ng E-Learning sa pag-aaral ng mga Mag-aaral ng Business Administration ng Pamantasan ng Silangan sa Maynila Taong Panuruan 2010-2011”.

Kalakip po ng liham na ito ay ang aming sample questionnaire na ipapamahagi sa aming mga respondent.

Lubos po ang aming pag-asa na mapagbibigyan ang aming kahilingan.

Maraming salamat po.

Lubos na Gumagalang,


Pinagtibay ni:


Friday, August 20, 2010


I was quietly thinking about our relationship today. I got angry because he didn’t even take note of what I said. I was so angry that I don’t reply on his texts. I think and think and think. I realized that was not so happy with him last few weeks and he keeps doing his mistakes and I am tired of understanding his immaturity. I slept without a single reply and then he just texts and texts and texts me and I don’t want to reply because I don’t have something to say. I hope God will guide me on my decisions about him. Sometimes I feel like he was just a headache that needs to be vanished. I think I am a little ready when the time comes that I need to break our relationship.

not so important

I lied to him this day. I said that I don’t have a class today because my professors have gone to attend a meeting. I lied because I don’t want to wait for him until 5pm. My class for this day ends at 1030am and I am sure that if I said that I want to go home early, he will just be so disappointed and didn’t want to talk to me. I was just avoiding misunderstandings and I don’t want to have a fight with him. I am very tired to have a non sense fight with him. You see, I am adjusting my level of maturity to his level. I am more mature compared to him and being a mature person, I need to level up with his maturity to avoid fights and misunderstanding. Men are late bloomer when it comes to the level of maturity. He is a kind of guy that is very hard to handle but day’s passes quickly that I learn how to cope with him. Maybe someday he’ll realize his stupidity.

i am crazy

Being a girl is not easy. Sometimes I can’t understand myself. There are times when something came into me that I feel like my life is so miserable even though it is not. I feel so crazy sometimes that I want something but I can’t point out what it is. this day, I have this feeling of anger and sadness that I want to cry but there is nothing to cry into and I don’t have the reason to cry. When I was listening to the lecture of my professor in business math, I feel like I was listening because I get what she’s saying and then after her lecture, I feel like I was wakened up and I was so surprise that I get the lesson but I think I was not on my mind. I think it’s difficult to understand what I’m saying but that’s it. I was not on my mind even though I respond to situations.

prelim grades

Some of my prelim grades are given but I think some of my professors won’t give prelim and midterm grades. They will just post it after the finals and wolllahh! I don’t want to have grades lower than 89. I am limiting myself to have a grade of 89 and above but I have subjects that I am not fond to and I hope I can improve it in the midterm and the finals. I hate the grading system of my school. It uses cumulative grading system and I want averaging. I will share my prelim grades to you friends:

FI 112 96 %( 1.25)

HI 324 94 %( 1.5)

EN 113 93 %( 1.5)

HRM 101 -

BEC 102 -

BM 110 (2)

BL 101 -

FM 306 84 %( 2.25)

police brutality

This morning before leaving the house for school, I notice the news about the accused holdaper that is being tortured by a police. The accused was on the floor curled up naked while the police is pulling a string tied on the organ of the accused. I don’t want to see something like that knowing that they are police officers. My trust on our police officers vanished. From now on I will never respect them. They have the duty to protect this country yet they show something undesirable. Police brutality is one of the biggest crimes committed by the police officers. I think it is enough that a person who commits crime, fraud or negligence suffer from a lifetime imprisonment. They should not torture them because being in prison is kind of torture that may be done to a person. I hate police officers like that. I think they are paid to do that. They are not worth of respect.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I want to lose weight but it’s so hard. I don’t eat that much but I easily get so fat because my relatives on my mother’s side are fat. Maybe it’s in the blood also. i eat small amount in the morning around 530. I am taking my lunch around two o clock in the afternoon and then my dinner depends on the time I arrived in the house. I eat a lot in my dinner because I feel so tired that I want to eat more

study is the best policy

Sometimes I feel like I’m tired of studying but then I realized that going to school is the most fun thing to do. I also think that having a partner in life is giving myself a deadly headache. I want to work now but I think the best thing to do is finish my curriculum and then graduate. If I took a Summer job, there is a risk that I could not be Able to graduate because of the desire to earn so much. My professor also said that it is the best way to continue studying instead of working because the age is one of the basis to easily get a job.

so moody!

My professor in Filipino is so moody and I hate her now. I’ll take back what I said on my previous article that I like her because now I don’t. She is so moody. I hate her. Then my professor in Microeconomics is so messy and I am not sure about her because maybe she records wrong data because of her messy things. She dictated the scores in our quiz and my seatmate checked my paper so I already know the scores then when she dictated the scores, she said I got 8 over 25 but my real score is 23 over 25. I approached her and I saw that there is an erasure on her record. Gosh! I will kill her if she gave me low score in the finals.