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Friday, February 24, 2012

Philippine currencies

Recent last year, I’m into collecting monies, Philippine currency particularly and I have collected not that much. It is hard to collect money as I have to survive my daily expenses. I got interested when the new design of Philippine currency circulated. I like it very much compared to the old one but there is something I just noticed. The paper material used in the newly designed currency is not that good. It turns old easily unlike the old one; the paper used in the old currency is hard to get old even if you spill liquid on it. But still I like the new one specially the color.
The old one hundred peso bill with Ateneo something on the side.
The old two hundred peso bill with UST's 400 years.
Old one hundred peso bill with UP.

My Best Friend

IRENE CORPUS ESTANISLAO is my super kaduper maximum turbo best among the bests friend. We are so different in our own ways. It is very seldom that we like same things. I just want to recognize her for she did not questioned my well-being. She did not asked for my explanation but she fought just to defend me. I can say that I am very blessed to have a best friend like her. We are best friend since grade 4 or 5 and until now, the bond gets stronger. I love her so much and no one could replace her. My life would be devastated without her. She have done so much for me and I am so grateful. I can't express in words how much I love her! I love you vhesy! I really do! You walked in when the almost all of them walked out. You really are a very good friend as they listen to what I say and only you listen to what I did not say. I love you and I love u and I love you so much.

That's a picture of her with the milk teas at Bubble Tea, SM Megamall. Hers is the chocolate milk tea while mine is the pink one, which is the Strawberry milk tea.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Year's Eve

It is too late about this post but better late than never. =D My mother cooked these foods as our "handa" for the night. We all wear red shirts. Honestly, it was not that fun compared to our previous new year's eve but it's okay, thank God for our foods and for another year He has given to us. I think my family is getting closer each year and I am very happy. So here's our feast last new year's eve. My mother's cooking is the best! We did not use any kind of fireworks. We just watch our neighbors' fire crackers! Thank God no one got hurt.

Buko Salad


Goldilocks's Strawberry Cream Fudge

Tikoy, Fruit Salad, Biko( our neighbor gave it )
Menudo? I don't know. =D

Crispy Pata


Saturday, February 18, 2012


THANK YOU Lord God for giving me another year! Thank you that I am very happy today!Thank you for the feeling of completeness and joyfulness today. I am so thankful for the blessings you have been giving me since birth. I am so happy today that I cannot express it even thru words! I love you Lord! I love you so much! Also, thank you for guidance that you always give to my family. It is the greatest gift you always have been giving me! Thank you for always making me so happy and fulfilled! I love you so much Lord God!

I also want to thank those people who greeted me in Facebook. It means a lot to me. The greetings made my day! Thank you friends! I love you!

Thank you also to my Family for the security that they are giving me. I love them so much!

gosshhh...I have so many hings to say but I'm very tired and sleepy! I'll just continue this tomorrow! THANK YOU!

So, here I am again, today is also a very good day because it is Joel and I's 4th year anniversary. Thank you Lord for giving us the chance to be together this day. Thank you for the food and the money he used to celebrate today's event. Thank you for the feeling of contentment that I am feeling since Friday. THANK YOU SO MUCH Lord God. I love You!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Happy Valentines Day everyone! Honestly, today is one of my unforgettable valentines day not because of so much happiness but because of depression. It turned out so HELL and of course it will affect my birthday and there will be no anniversary on the 19th. I don't want to tell the story. I just hope that in the next day, it will be a fine day for me. Also, I have a friend that is getting on my nerves. I don't know if she is true or not. I just felt something wrong during our conversation and I don't like it. It is so hard to trust people. I can't explain but I think we have to depend on ourselves. We have to be strong on our own and we don't have to depend on someone. Anyways, in spite of all the struggles I am feeling, I want to thank God for giving me so much blessings! REALLY! He is AWESOME! THANK YOU GOD! I LOVE YOU! Please continue to shower us with your blessings. Not particularly money but guidance and good health. =D

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Iah & Joel: 4th year anniversary

I am so excited on February 18, which is my birthday and February 19, Joel and I’s 4th year anniversary. I am so disappointed that we became boyfriend/girlfriend on the 19th of February, the day after my birthday! I did not think about that during the courtship days. Supposedly, I was planning to answer him exactly on the date of my birthday, but we did not realize that it was already 2 0’clock in the morning of the 19th! I was really disappointed that time. I even said to him that let’s wait for another month until it is 18(heheheehe, just to have the number 18). But now, I really want to finish our midterm examinations this coming week up to the 14th. I want to be happy this year. I just want to thank God that He gave me so many blessings. Thank you papa Jesus for the guidance and support. Thank you for everything!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Iah's Wishlist for the year 2012

cute wallet


i will make sure that i will have these before the year ends. not all of these. i know it's impossible. =D
samsung galaxy s2 - i know i will not have these but then who knows!(HEHEHE). There is no harm in posting right?

leather jacket - it is hard for me to buy something very expensive that's why up to now, i cannot afford to buy a leather jacket.
digital camera
i phone 4s
scrapbook materials and designs - scrap booking is what i am dong now.
3 way bag
any bag like that
ipanema slippers

Friday, February 3, 2012

My favorite month: FEBRUARY

February is my super-duper maximum turbo favorite month of the year because of so many reasons. First, it is a love month and I am with someone (hahaha). Second, my birthday falls on the 18th and I’ll make sure it will be one of the most unforgettable birthdays of my life. Thinking about it, I know that it will be not that fun anymore because I’m not a child anymore. There will be no traditional candle cake blowing; there will be no gifts, no feast, no money and no celebration. But then I will make sure that it will be the other way around. I’ll make sure that I will be happy on that day unlike the prior years. I will think of a way to be happy. Third, Joel and I’s anniversary is on the 19th, which is our fourth year anniversary. I cannot believe we have gone this far. I really don’t know what will happen but I’m excited to know. I’ll start my happiness on the 14th, which is the end of our Midterm examinations.