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Friday, August 20, 2010

prelim grades

Some of my prelim grades are given but I think some of my professors won’t give prelim and midterm grades. They will just post it after the finals and wolllahh! I don’t want to have grades lower than 89. I am limiting myself to have a grade of 89 and above but I have subjects that I am not fond to and I hope I can improve it in the midterm and the finals. I hate the grading system of my school. It uses cumulative grading system and I want averaging. I will share my prelim grades to you friends:

FI 112 96 %( 1.25)

HI 324 94 %( 1.5)

EN 113 93 %( 1.5)

HRM 101 -

BEC 102 -

BM 110 (2)

BL 101 -

FM 306 84 %( 2.25)

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