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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Poochie is our dog. He is a Philippine dog (hehehe, you know what I mean). I love him and it is good to see him big and strong every day. I think it will be his third year or fourth year here in the house. I hope he’ll survive more years to come. He is a disciplined dog and that’s why I love him so much. He does not poo poo and pee inside the house. He does it outside the house and he’ll make noise to call my lolo so to escort him outside. He is not a tweetum dog. He protects us from strangers. He is like a lion. He’ll eat you if you come close to us. He is very attentive. His sense is amazing. He’ll bark when somebody is trying to enter our gate. Oh! I just love Poochie! And mind you, I love dogs!


  1. i love dogs! i have 3 dogs actually, 1 askal at 2 terrier :D

  2. cute naman nung dog na yan....ako rin mahilig sa dogs..kaso puro askal nga lang..ahehe

  3. wow...cute dog i think..hehe

  4. hehe,,,naku,,di yan cute,,hehe,,nkktakot nga yan eeh

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  6. cute dog. .I have one too, askoal din. Jugger name nea and I love my dog. We can lean on him, always make bantay to our home lol

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  7. Hi Marie,

    You have got a nice Dog.
    I too have a dog with similar characteristics which quite nice.

    You have a nice blog as well.

    Be in touch ..and keep connected.

  8. cute naman ng dogie ^_^ akin n lang =)