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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mama Rose

Hi friends! I am back! I have so many things to tell and I do not know where to start. I left my blog for such a very long time. Many things happened and I am very busy with my work in Metrobank and actually I do not want to tackle about what happened to my mother but I think I have to because there is so much in my heart and mind right now. I really don’t know where to start the story so I’ll just make it short. Here goes….         
My mother died last August 23, 2015. Eto na yung pinaka masakit sa lahat ng challenges na napagdaanan ko. Sobrang sakit na gusto ko nalang sumunod sa kanya. Two years akong kapos na kapos dahil sobrang gastos ng pagpapagamot niya and at the same time na ginagamot sya gusto kong gumastos sa lhat ng gusto nya dahil alam kong bilang na lang yung oras niya dito sa mundong to. May liver/colon cancer sya. Hindi namin alam kung saan niya yun nakuha dahil wala naman sa pamilya namin ang may cancer at sobrang malinis naman siya sa lahat ng kinakain niya. Well, I have realized na ganun talaga ang buhay. We do not know what will happen dahil lahat kami nagulat sa sakit niya. Nag start yung sakit niya last November 2013, bigla na lang siyang nanilaw ng sobra hanggang sa parang nangingitim na siya. Ang daming ginawang laboratory tests na sobrang mahal lahat. Imagine laboratory pa lang yung gagawin ha hihingi siya ng 20k for MRI lng yun. Grabe diba?! Wala pang procedure na gagawin dun! Dahil mahal na mahal ko ang mama ko binigay ko lahat ng ipon ko at lahat ng sinasahod ko binigay ko para mapagamot siya. Kulang yun! Sobrang kulang! Hindi sapat ang sahod ko para mapagamot siya. Nangutang ako! Lahat ginawa ko para makapag provide para sa kanya. Nangutang lang ako ng nangutang hanggang sa wala na rin ako mautangan at hindi na sapat ang kita ko kapag may mautangan man ako. Nagsulat ako sa UNION para humingi ng tulong at nakakuha naman ako kahit papaano pero hindi pa rin sapat. Lifetime na gamutan ang pinag uusapan. Sobrang hirap. Ang hirap kumita ng pera pero mas mahirap makita ko ang mama kong nasasaktan. Umiiyak sya sa sakit araw araw. Wala kami magawa dahil yun daw yung cancer pain. Sobrang hirap siya, umiiyak na lang ako pag umiiyak siya sa sakit. Hindi namin alam kung anong hahaplusin namin sa kanya. Huhuhu..pede ba to be continue? naiiyak na kasi ako…. To be continue na lang ha… huhuhu

This is my mother, Mama Rose. It was taken last June 2015. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Exciting Gifts and Goodies

I went shopping today and then I saw EGG's stall and then this happen.

I love EGG( Exciting Gifts and Goodies) products since highschool because of its durability and sophistication. I like the fact that their products are pleasing to the eyes. Whenever i stop by their stall, it is automatic that I'll have something to take home. By the way I bought all these for my love ones. They usually use pastel colors that's why it's pleasing to the eyes. Thanks EGG for your cute wallets and bags. I love everything in your stall. I hope I could buy them all. I'm just a little sad that the EGG store located at Megamall is not there anymore because it used to be my comfort zone. Anyway there are still EGG stalls at SM Megamall so no need for me to worry. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I have another favorite store that I would like all of you to know. The store is named Get Laud. I love their clothing! I bought my graduation dress here and I love almost all of their dresses. I fitted so many of their dresses and I like to buy all of them but I chose to my green dress because of its elegant look. I love the fabric/material that they use in their dresses. I love the store because the dress is good and very affordable compared to store that uses the same kind of material but so expensive. For your information, Get Laud is offering clothes that are made in the Philippines and I assume that it is very durable as it is made by a Filipino. 

According to their Corporate Overview, GET LAUD was awarded with "Marketing Excellence" Award for 2010 and the "Most Promising Retailer" Award for 2007 from Ayala Malls (Market Market) Consecutively, in 2005 - 2006, GET LAUD! received the Seal of Excellence Award as the "BEST SPANDEX APPAREL RETAIL STORE" awarded by the National Shopper’s Association of the Philippines and by the National Shopper’s Choice Awards. 

It is just that I am happy about this store because of their elegant and unique designs made by a Filipino. I am happy with my dress I bought here in Get Laud so if you guys are looking for something formal then they have what you are looking for. Just visit their facebook account to learn more about them

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cutey's Charm Bracelets

I was browsing online stores this morning until I found out about these cute bracelets from cutey. I found their online store in facebook and I was really mesmerized by their bracelet. Gosh! It is really very pretty and I really wanted to have one. It looks very durable because of the stainless steel I think. I learned that it was founded last 2011 and their product is amazing. Their bracelets are charm bracelets and it looks pretty when worn because of the elegant design. I like the simplicity of the bracelets and I cannot stop thinking about it. I showed it to my friends and they also loved it.

Here is my favorite design

Here are cutey’s bracelets

If you wanted it too the visit their site                                                 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

When love comes

November 19, 2012

It’s Joel and I’s 4th year and 9th month. I am really happy to know that WE are still in the existence. I am really thankful to God that He gave me Joel. I am really lucky to have him. There are times that I wanted to give up but it would always shift to not giving up. He’s ALL a woman could ask for although there are some traits that you would not love about him but he’s GOOD! I believe that there is no perfect man in this world but I consider him close to perfect. There are negative sides of him but positive side still takeover. I really wanted to write about Joel today. I am in the mood of writing. Joel is the quietest guy I met in this world. He is nice and very quiet. He does not criticize. He does not boast. He knows how to cook, clean the house, do the laundry and all housekeeping works. He knows when to show off. To summarize his good qualities as a guy I would say he is NICEST person I have ever known. Let’s go to his dark side. I would say he is the sweetest guy out of all the sweetest guys in this world BUT! DO NOT EVER MAKE HIM ANGRY because you’ll regret messing up with him. He is shy. He is not sweet when we’re in public. Hmmm, I think that’s all his bad side. See? His positive side prevails. I wonder if he’s the man God wanted me to be with. I hope he is because I really love him.

In God's perfect time

November 16, 2012

Supposedly today was my BPI exam and interview but I did not attend because I was not feeling well and also there’s something in me na I should wait na lang for Security Bank to call me. Nag isip ako the whole day about it and I asked other people’s opinion but they were puling me down. I mean I want to hear positive but they give negative feedbacks so I was upset the whole day. I was so happy yesterday but it went down to negative because of other people’s feedback. Grabe noh? That’s life! CRAB MENTALITY kung baga. So anyway, talagang nag isip ako today. I also prayed! I went up with a decision na I WILL  accept the offer of Security Bank regardless of the compensation package that they will offer me and regardless of how small this bank is compared to the top ten banks. WHY? I realize that this is God’s will. His perfect place for me. This is what He wants me to be. Habang wala pang tawag for the job offer, I won’t consider myself na hired na although she said I’m hired but I needed confirmation. Kaya nga siguro I’m not that excited pa kasi there’s no proof na hired na ko diba pero nakakainis na narinig ko sa kanya na hired na ko. WAAH! Alam mo yun?! Yung feeling nay un! Tsk! I will wait until Friday for the call.

Monday, October 15, 2012


 My next ultimate favorite store is Karimadon. When I need something formal, I would always think of Karimadon because I love their dresses as it is made modest but very chic. Last week I bought a dress here at SM Megamall Branch for a birthday event. It is a black dress that can use in any formal occasions at the same time it can be worn as a corporate attire or smart casual. I like the raw materials used in their dress. It cannot be easily ripped. It made us look graceful at the same time very sophisticated because of its subservient designs and styles. I am very excited to have their dress again for my graduation this coming December 6. I’m sure their dress will never fail to make me feel so pleased and look so fine-looking. Anyway, Karimadon is a local women’s retail brand that has carved a niche for itself in the realm of trendy, chic, yet affordable fashion. From its promising beginning as a small ready-to-wear boutique founded by husband and wife team Richard and Josie Go. 


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