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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Let’s talk about shoes. I am not that fond of shoes but I like the feeling when I glance at them and wanting to have one or two only. I can’t expend so much money buying shoes because I myself don’t notice the foot wear of people. Maybe I hate shoes because whenever I try to fit it, there will always be a conflict of these and that. my feet is so sensitive and I think they were not same in size. My right feet is bigger that’s why I can’t easily find shoes that will make me so comfortable. I bear a grudge on my black shoes during the first year college. I got a lot of scar! That shoe was expensive and I only used it for about two months. I gave it to my cousin last July and I’m so happy to know that it fits her. I love my black shoes this semester from Mendrez Women (on the middle of the picture). Actually I have two black shoes this semester. The other one from Otto shoes (I don’t like it that much). The other picture is my brother’s shoes. A Mario D’boro black hoes and a Converse (I don’t have one).


  1. wow daming shoes ah, ako rarely bumili kasi hndi naman ako masyado gimikera simple step in ok na sa akin ..

  2. I really like shoes. .I can't sleep if I want a kind of shoe hahah I am crazy with footwear
    healthy flat

  3. hello friends! thanks sa comments ha!