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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

homemade chocolates

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I took pictures of the chocolates I made. It is supposed to be for selling purposes but mama kept it in the refrigerator for a long time so my brother and I decide to eat it until it’s all gone. I made all of that but I am not happy with t because I was force to do it little by little and it is so hard for me to measure the chocolates I poured in so it went not so good looking. It has many defects. I will try to make again next time. I will try harder to improve it. I will not waste it again. I will make a lot for giveaways to my friends. I will share to them my masterpiece (hahaha). By the way, the red one tastes better than the white and the brown for me.


I bought a new planner for 2011 from Papemelroti. My 2010 planner is very handy and it means a lot to me. I use it for taking note of the homework, projects and other school activities. I think if I don’t have it, I will not remember the assignments and the coming quizzes. It serves as a reminder of my daily living. I want to buy all the designs (hehehe). By the way, Papemelroti at SM Megamall is relocated at the ground floor near the Food Court. I like the renovation. It is large and so bright. The products are well organized and the products are not expensive.

last christmas


Christmas Shopping day! Well, every year around December before Christmas, we go shopping for new clothes, shoes, etc. December is my favorite month and January is my most hated month. Anyway, it was so hard for me to choose what to buy but I ended up buying one JAG t shirt, 1 Von Dutch t-shirt, 1 Hot Kiss skinny pants and a slipper from Toeberries. My brother, Maron bought 3 t-shirts from Von Dutch and 1 JAG t-shirt. There are many shoppers and I didn’t enjoy that much. I was planning to buy a bolero but I can’t find a nice one. I am not being materialistic that much but what I notice is that branded things last long while the not branded last just for a month and even worse when it last for a week. I always experience that. I am not a shopaholic girl. I go shopping with my family every December only. Sorry, i forgot to take pictures..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

statement of mission, vision



LA IMPRESIONAR BARO ENTERPRISE is intended to produce unique and attractive T-shirts that are appealing in the eyes of the people. They want to develop the special skills that the employees have to be able to come up with creative designs to different T-shirts. They are also targeting to sell many t- shirts and aiming to earn higher profits from the students of the University of the East.


LA IMPRESIONAR BARO ENTERPRISE envisions itself to be at its very best in making their product productive. The company is looking forward to give rise for new ideas to adapt in today’s changing world. The company also sees itself in giving what the customer wants to achieve highest satisfaction.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

example of business description



LA IMPRESIONAR BARO ENTERPRISE is a place where all people are very much welcome to buy an extraordinary couple and friendship T-shirts. This company will provide high quality products that combine performance and valued prices that are distinct from other competing products.

LA IMPRESIONAR is a Spanish word meaning “The Impress”, while the word BARO is simply a word comes somewhere in the province of the Philippines which means “Clothe”. The group has chosen this kind of name because they wanted it to be different in some ways. This name was formulated by the members of the group with their intention to give a big bang in the market because it was never been heard. This company name also wants to show how creative and devoted the employees are with respect to their work.

LA IMPRESIONAR BARO ENTERPRISE will be located within the University of the East Manila Campus, at the 3rd floor of SFC Building Entrepreneurial Venture (EV) room 2219 Claro M. Recto Avenue, Manila, Philippines.

This company is a partnership type of business with seven (7) partners liable to the extent of their personal belongings including capital contribution. The Net Profits shall be equally divided to the partners and the losses that will be incurred shall be automatically be borne by the partners.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

example of acknowledgment

This is an example of acknowledgment in doing a feasibility and thesis study.


We want to express our gratitude to all the people who have given their heart whelming full support in making this compilation a magnificent experience.

To God the father of all, we thank him for the strength that keeps us standing and for the hope that keeps us believing that this affiliation would be possible and more interesting.

We also wanted to thank our family who inspired, encouraged and fully supported us for every trial that comes our way. In giving us not just financial, but morally and spiritually.

To our classmates who willingly helped us gather the necessary data’s and information needed for this compilation.

To our mentor, Emiliana Evia, who sincerely devoted her time and service for every activities and task that boosted our self esteem and taught us to be more responsible for our own good and as for others. We whole heartedly thank you for the kindness and patience that you have given us.