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Saturday, August 28, 2010

simple question

I was called in the recitation in history today. I am not satisfied with my answer because that bwisit na professor ask about what did the sepulturero( a man that cleans the cemetery or it someone in the cemetery) said to Ibarra that will point out that Padre Damaso is the one who commanded that the body of Don Rafael(father of Ibarra should be buried in a Chinese cemetery). I was so irritated about the question. I forgotten about it because it was taught when I was in third year high school and it was too specific question. I really want to slap her that time. The questions of my other classmates were too easy like who is Sisa? Describe the character blah blah blah. I hate her so much!


I force myself to get up this morning. I didn’t want to go to school. i want to sleep more because I can’t sleep last night. I am sleeping but my head is not. I don’t know what I’m thinking about but I know I am sleeping while thinking of something. I force myself to listen to the professors. On my economics subject, I just think about our relationship. Well, I came up to a decision; I decided to just ignore him. If he want to break up then be it I ill not be that affected anymore. in the past few weeks, I feel like I don’t want to see him and I’m too tired to understand him. I just can’t leave him because I’m the only one who can lean on to. His family is at the province but now that he’s giving me a headache, I would just do what he wants me to do. if he wants to be separated then be it. he is not a lost. Maybe I would gain something if that happens. I am now ready and happy for what I’ve decided. Thank God.

death anniversary

Today is the death anniversary of my mom’s father. we went to Tondo so early because there will be a lunch gathering(or whatever you call that). it was not that fun but I just thought about what we are celebrating that’s why I’m not supposed to have fun for we are celebrating the death of my grand father. My brother and I are not fond of the Centeno family because we didn’t grow up with them. We are raised here in Mandaluyong in the house of my father’s that is why we are too quiet when we are with the Centeno family. Though, the Centeno family is very kind to us especially to my mom. My mom’s mother is so helpful, she always give to those who are in need without asking for anything. We call her Nanay. She always helps my mother when we are in need. She always gives us something that would satisfy our need and she won’t let us pay. I hope God will give her more time because my mother will be too sad if we lose her.

letter to the dean

I will just share the letter that i have maid for the dean of college of business administration in UE. It is not perfect but it is just a sample for the students who are taking up subjects that requires thesis.

Pamantasan ng Silangan
Kolehiyo ng mga
2219 Claro M. Recto, Manila

Bb. Elizalde
Dean, College of Business Administration
University of the East, Manila

Mahal na Dekana :

Kami po ang mga maaaral na nasa seksiyon B5C ng asignaturang Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Iba’t Ibang Disiplina sa ilalim ng pagtuturo ni Propesor Rosalie G. Yap ay humihingi ng pahintulot na makapamahagi ng talatanungan (survey questionnaire) sa mga mag-aaral ng College of Business Administration.

Ang mga impormasyong matitipon ay aming gagamitin para sa isang pananaliksik na may pamagat na: “ Epekto ng E-Learning sa pag-aaral ng mga Mag-aaral ng Business Administration ng Pamantasan ng Silangan sa Maynila Taong Panuruan 2010-2011”.

Kalakip po ng liham na ito ay ang aming sample questionnaire na ipapamahagi sa aming mga respondent.

Lubos po ang aming pag-asa na mapagbibigyan ang aming kahilingan.

Maraming salamat po.

Lubos na Gumagalang,


Pinagtibay ni:


Friday, August 20, 2010


I was quietly thinking about our relationship today. I got angry because he didn’t even take note of what I said. I was so angry that I don’t reply on his texts. I think and think and think. I realized that was not so happy with him last few weeks and he keeps doing his mistakes and I am tired of understanding his immaturity. I slept without a single reply and then he just texts and texts and texts me and I don’t want to reply because I don’t have something to say. I hope God will guide me on my decisions about him. Sometimes I feel like he was just a headache that needs to be vanished. I think I am a little ready when the time comes that I need to break our relationship.

not so important

I lied to him this day. I said that I don’t have a class today because my professors have gone to attend a meeting. I lied because I don’t want to wait for him until 5pm. My class for this day ends at 1030am and I am sure that if I said that I want to go home early, he will just be so disappointed and didn’t want to talk to me. I was just avoiding misunderstandings and I don’t want to have a fight with him. I am very tired to have a non sense fight with him. You see, I am adjusting my level of maturity to his level. I am more mature compared to him and being a mature person, I need to level up with his maturity to avoid fights and misunderstanding. Men are late bloomer when it comes to the level of maturity. He is a kind of guy that is very hard to handle but day’s passes quickly that I learn how to cope with him. Maybe someday he’ll realize his stupidity.

i am crazy

Being a girl is not easy. Sometimes I can’t understand myself. There are times when something came into me that I feel like my life is so miserable even though it is not. I feel so crazy sometimes that I want something but I can’t point out what it is. this day, I have this feeling of anger and sadness that I want to cry but there is nothing to cry into and I don’t have the reason to cry. When I was listening to the lecture of my professor in business math, I feel like I was listening because I get what she’s saying and then after her lecture, I feel like I was wakened up and I was so surprise that I get the lesson but I think I was not on my mind. I think it’s difficult to understand what I’m saying but that’s it. I was not on my mind even though I respond to situations.

prelim grades

Some of my prelim grades are given but I think some of my professors won’t give prelim and midterm grades. They will just post it after the finals and wolllahh! I don’t want to have grades lower than 89. I am limiting myself to have a grade of 89 and above but I have subjects that I am not fond to and I hope I can improve it in the midterm and the finals. I hate the grading system of my school. It uses cumulative grading system and I want averaging. I will share my prelim grades to you friends:

FI 112 96 %( 1.25)

HI 324 94 %( 1.5)

EN 113 93 %( 1.5)

HRM 101 -

BEC 102 -

BM 110 (2)

BL 101 -

FM 306 84 %( 2.25)

police brutality

This morning before leaving the house for school, I notice the news about the accused holdaper that is being tortured by a police. The accused was on the floor curled up naked while the police is pulling a string tied on the organ of the accused. I don’t want to see something like that knowing that they are police officers. My trust on our police officers vanished. From now on I will never respect them. They have the duty to protect this country yet they show something undesirable. Police brutality is one of the biggest crimes committed by the police officers. I think it is enough that a person who commits crime, fraud or negligence suffer from a lifetime imprisonment. They should not torture them because being in prison is kind of torture that may be done to a person. I hate police officers like that. I think they are paid to do that. They are not worth of respect.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I want to lose weight but it’s so hard. I don’t eat that much but I easily get so fat because my relatives on my mother’s side are fat. Maybe it’s in the blood also. i eat small amount in the morning around 530. I am taking my lunch around two o clock in the afternoon and then my dinner depends on the time I arrived in the house. I eat a lot in my dinner because I feel so tired that I want to eat more

study is the best policy

Sometimes I feel like I’m tired of studying but then I realized that going to school is the most fun thing to do. I also think that having a partner in life is giving myself a deadly headache. I want to work now but I think the best thing to do is finish my curriculum and then graduate. If I took a Summer job, there is a risk that I could not be Able to graduate because of the desire to earn so much. My professor also said that it is the best way to continue studying instead of working because the age is one of the basis to easily get a job.

so moody!

My professor in Filipino is so moody and I hate her now. I’ll take back what I said on my previous article that I like her because now I don’t. She is so moody. I hate her. Then my professor in Microeconomics is so messy and I am not sure about her because maybe she records wrong data because of her messy things. She dictated the scores in our quiz and my seatmate checked my paper so I already know the scores then when she dictated the scores, she said I got 8 over 25 but my real score is 23 over 25. I approached her and I saw that there is an erasure on her record. Gosh! I will kill her if she gave me low score in the finals.


Talking about uniforms, I love the uniform of San Sebastian, San Beda and St. Paul. I hate my uniform. It’s so pang probinsiyana according to people. If you want to have an idea of our uniform, just go to Chowking and look at the crews so you can see the image of our uniform. I love my school but I hate their style. Sometimes I feel like weary and didn’t want to come to school because of that uniform. It pisses me a lot that I want to transfer to other school. Uniform is very important for me because it reflect my personality and it increases my confidence that is why I am very affected about that uniform.


Unfortunately, I will be leading our group in Filipino for the thesis writing. I didn’t know what happened, all I know is they were telling the professor my surname and then I asked them why they’re shouting my surname and they said that the professor is asking for the name of the leader. I didn’t have the options but to accept it. I can take it as a challenge and experience so I guess its okay. Our approved topic is the effects of e-learning to the students of business administration year 2010-2011. Joanne is my assistant and Dareen is my secretary. I like them both. We are ten or eleven in the group. They are good except for the two who’s having their separate conversation. They are not helping and I want to kick them out of the room.

Friday, August 6, 2010

oh monday

Today is a gloomy Monday. I hate Mondays. I really hate it knowing that it is the start of the week and I feel so bad that my Sunday is not enough for me to rest then you sleep to wake up on a Monday with no exciting because early morning you were thinking about the coming days and so on. I already forgot what happened today but all I know is there’s nothing interesting about my Monday life. I will always hate Monday. I love the other days except Mondays.


Gosh! I was so nervous this morning because I am piled up with prelim examinations this Monday morning until the afternoon. Well, I am aiming for high grades so that my mind will be focused on my studies. I think it is effective to aim something so that you will be working really hard to achieve it. You will be focused and centralize on doing you’re part to aim that something.

I first took the English exam and it’s pretty easy because my expected questions are met though there are three questions that are so tricky and I really can’t answer it. Then after that I took the prelim examination in Microeconomics. It was easy also but she sad that there will be a second part next meeting which is over 50. I am expecting that it will be hard because my expected questions are asked already so I’m wondering what will be the questions on that over 50 examination. Anyways, I feel so sleepy. I will just continue the story of my life as a college student on the second article.