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Saturday, October 23, 2010

filipino defense

The defense on that Filipino thesis is quite stressful also. Our topic is about the effects of E-learning in the Business Administration in UE. We sat in front facing the professor in the middle of the room. We are corporately dressed with our name tags. She browsed the rough draft of our thesis and we can see her marking and editing our thesis. We have to revise it and then after thirty minutes, the defense started. I was expecting that I would be the last one to be called. So sad that some of my group mates didn’t answer so well. If only I could help them. My question is very easy because I worked on that chapter and fortunately she get the question from my work. I felt a little better after the defense.


  1. How's the result of defense? hehe! Good luck!

  2. Good luck sa thesis.... ^^, Basta dapat maconviced ang mga Panelist ^^ GODBLESS

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  4. UE ka pala? Manila or caloocan. I graduated UE Manila hahaha.

    Okay, add kita pero tomorrow na lang kasi its midnight here haha...time for me to hit the bed.