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Friday, September 17, 2010


The result in my Financial Management exam is good. I got 43/50 which is equivalent to 93%. I got 80% in the exam in filipino and my midterm grade is 92% or 1.5. I got 100% in history exam also because of the plus grades. Finals na and I have to keep my grades up because only 1/3 of my midterm grades could help and 2/3 will be based on my performance in the finals. I am so pressured because I want high grades this semester.

business law

The result in my business law exam is okay. I never expect that I would get high grades in this subject. Law professors are hard to please and they give low grades like my former professor in Political Science, who gave me 2.25 even I got two 100 in her recitation and 93 in her final exam. We discovered that the highest grade that she gave is two. Law professors are difficult to please (urgghhh). They ruin my transcript of records. Going back to my grade in BL, I got 2.5 in the prelim and 2.75 in the midterms! I always read the book but then taking her exam is like taking a Bar exam! I am not fond to law professors.

business math

The result of my exam in business math is unexpected! I got 96/100 (=D). I thought my score will only in the range of 70-80. The funny thing is I copied two of my answers to Aaron and when we compared the paper, he got 5/1o on both the same number I copied and I got 8/10 (hahaha). If you’ll compare our answers, it was exactly the same! No more no less (hahaha). He only got 64/100 only because he didn’t copy all my answers. He only copied two to three because nakakahiya naman daw!

after the exams

One of the greatest feeling when you are in college is after the exam because there will be no discussions and lectures, some professors will just let you rest but then some will give the result of the exam and that’s my topic for now. I got 77/85 in English and I am very satisfied because the highest is 80/85. The result in my HRM exam is not satisfactory. I got 39/50 that is equivalent to 89% and the questions that are equivalent to three quizzes turned out to be just what I expected. It was not good and I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, my Microeconomics exam is excellent! I got 50/50 and I was the only one able to perfect it. I was glad but then the negative effect is that my professor knows me na and I think that she will always call me in the recitation (haiizzt).

Friday, September 10, 2010


Continuation of my Monday struggles.

The third exam is the Microeconomics. I didn’t study in this subject because there is James on my left side and Joseph on my right side. They are quite good. It was a team work. I copied their computation and I was in charged of the identification part and wollah! So chicken nuggets! The fourth exam is the business mathematics. There are ten problems which are ten points each and I was not satisfied with some of my answers. then then the fifth exam is my major financial management. I already know the answers last Friday because of the you know “the L thing”( all college students practice this way of having high grades).

five exams on a monday

My Monday turned out to be so quiet but full of doubts and questions about my Exams. My first exam is English that I thought would be easy for me to answer but I’m so wrong because of that Test II which we have to identify the ungrammaticality or if there is something wrong with the subject, verb and pronoun then we changed it to make it correct. It was so nakaka-bobo because I couldn’t find any (hehehe). The second exam is the human resource management. The exam is kind of easy but there are terms that I forgot. I was just worrying about the quiz that is incorporated in the exam. We are asked to define three words that are five points each and it is equivalent to three quizzes because we don’t have any quizzes in the subject. I’ll just continue my Monday story in the next article.

midterms in FI and HI

My exam in Filipino is irritating. We are given a title of a thesis and w have to create a paglalahad ng suliranin thing. It was not easy because she is a perfectionis professor and I know that she will not be satisfied with my answer so I’m expecting a low grade this midterm. Another exam is the history. It was easy and I enjoyed it because it was full of the characters of Noli me tangere and El filibusterismo, I’m expecting to have five to six mistakes and that’s okay because it is still high.

Friday, September 3, 2010

don't read..waste of time

My head is empty and I can’t write anything so just ignore this article because I really don’t have so much to say. Can’t think of any topic to discuss and I don’t have the mood to think of anything. I hope that this article will end with a little sense. Here I am, typing something that is against my will and I really don’t want to stop because I wanted it to reach sixty words so that it will be valid. I hope it I now sixty words so I can stop this.

time flies so fast

College life is so much fun. Time flies so fast and I can’t believe that I’m already in the third year. I can’t imagine myself working but I’m so excited but then studying is fun if we try to realize beyond it. being a college student is so much fun than working. I experience a lot of feeling in this stage of life. A barrel of happiness, a teaspoon of anger, a cup of hope, a spoon of loyalty and so on. I will never forget my college life and my college friends. I hope that our communication still goes on after we graduate. They are part of my happiness in this stage and I will always treasure it.


It was over. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now but I know that half part of me is lonely, gloomy and in the dark side but then some part of me is a little excited to discover what will happen after that break up. I am very sad because it was two years and seven months. It will be hard for me to move on but then again there are things that excite me. Back then, there are times that I want to be alone because being with him everyday is so predictable and it happened to be a repetition. Now that I am alone, I am looking forward to what will happen to me. One thing is for sure, I will not be available even if I’m single. Maybe after five years but not now. I learned a lot from the relationship and I think I will not be so happy anymore if I try to fix it. I’ll just let it be. I have so many plans with my life and I will jut concentrate to achieve it alone.