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Saturday, August 28, 2010

death anniversary

Today is the death anniversary of my mom’s father. we went to Tondo so early because there will be a lunch gathering(or whatever you call that). it was not that fun but I just thought about what we are celebrating that’s why I’m not supposed to have fun for we are celebrating the death of my grand father. My brother and I are not fond of the Centeno family because we didn’t grow up with them. We are raised here in Mandaluyong in the house of my father’s that is why we are too quiet when we are with the Centeno family. Though, the Centeno family is very kind to us especially to my mom. My mom’s mother is so helpful, she always give to those who are in need without asking for anything. We call her Nanay. She always helps my mother when we are in need. She always gives us something that would satisfy our need and she won’t let us pay. I hope God will give her more time because my mother will be too sad if we lose her.

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