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Friday, November 26, 2010

reaction paper in beowulf


When I first heard about the title, I was disappointed because it sounds like it was so dull that I will just feel very sleepy and tired. I like the name of the hero since it sounds very unique and appealing but it will sound even more appealing if the title is not that. They should have think of a unique title. It is very effortless that the title is the name of the hero. It is so common. I didn’t have the second thought because it’s obvious that the title is the main character of the story or the film.

The effect of the film caught my eye. I was really amazed about the animation. It looks like half real people but half cartoon. I like the effects but I’m not quite satisfied about some scene. Some scenes are violent and can affect the audience. There are some parts that I can’t even open my eyes because it was disgusting.

I like the fact that Beowulf offered himself to attack Grendel. He volunteered himself as the savior of that country. That’s a good example for the audience. He is very strong and has the confidence to fight. He sets a good example as he thinks about other people’s life before his own. He served his people. He risked his own life for the people on the kingdom. But the best trait that he has is not fearing of his own death. He didn’t care about all the wealth that he had received.

I will react about the Queen. There is a part when they are old. Beowulf found another girl with a very youthful face but the queen didn’t react about it. She doesn’t care about the girl. She should have not agreed with that. She is the legal wife so she has the right to do something about it. It is not a good example even in the part of Beowulf. He should have stick to his loving queen all along. She is very kind and almost perfect. And as for the second wife, she should have stay away since she know that the legal wife is still there and she know that it is not right from the start. What king Horthgar deed is not also good. He should have also stick to one. He should have not slept with Grendel’s mother, as his queen still exists.

There are also some parts that I didn’t understand because of the accent of the voice. They should have pronounced it very clearly. But they are good. Really good!

I am just wondering about the characters, why they have to be naked when fighting like the king, Beowulf and the mother of Grendel. This is the first time that I saw a hero that is naked. Angelina Jolie who played the role of the mother of Grendel has a great body. I like her body. She is so beautiful but sad to say that she didn’t appear often in the movie.

Beowulf is a great example for the people. He is ready to die for his own kingdom and he is not afraid to die. He thinks first about other people before himself. He is ready to fight. I just hope that there are some people like him that still exist.

I like the character of Wiglaf because he showed us that he was a true friend. He was always beside Beowulf. He didn’t ask for more. He is a good example for all of us. He didn’t wished for wealth so he was blessed. He was Beowulf’s replacement so now he has the kingdom and that’s a great achievement.

In the first part, there is a character that have said something like “we don’t need God, we need a hero”. I don’t like that part but I know it’s just a movie and I shouldn’t be preaching about God and stuff.

I notice some effects that made the movie so messy. Maybe the director used so mush of the effects. I advice them not to depend it all to their new technologies. They should have control the lighting effects and the sounds. Some part is not also realistic and they should have enhance it to look more down-to-earth.


  1. we had this like during third year high school. there was no movie yet but the textbook had a summary so it wasn't difficult to read. the concept of a hero is truly a recurring theme for epics as beowulf is one. when you reach mythology you will know more. e.g. achilles, aeneas, odysseus, perseus, etc.

  2. i like the movie, but not that much :DD
    goodluck with that reaction paper XD

  3. I believe I have not seen this one.

    But I will certainly watch out for the scenes which you've described and maybe come back on here to compare observation...

    Thanks for the info IahMarie!

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  4. I guess before you can truly understand the story of the book, you should also learn about the culture. In those times, when vikings and pirates were still the "hype" and kingdoms were still existing, they do have young ladies to keep the old men warm. In a way, they are like bed-warmers, they sleep with the king. That's why the young lady was there. It's part of their "norm" in those times.