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Friday, September 17, 2010

business math

The result of my exam in business math is unexpected! I got 96/100 (=D). I thought my score will only in the range of 70-80. The funny thing is I copied two of my answers to Aaron and when we compared the paper, he got 5/1o on both the same number I copied and I got 8/10 (hahaha). If you’ll compare our answers, it was exactly the same! No more no less (hahaha). He only got 64/100 only because he didn’t copy all my answers. He only copied two to three because nakakahiya naman daw!


  1. thats cheating.. hehehe anyways sino ba naman ang hindi nangopya sa mga exams? lalo na kapag ang exam e pang nose bleed ang dating... but i would say whag abusuhin, sabi nga nila what you do today will mold you to what will you be tomorrow.

    study harder and be proud that you passed because you earned it...

    keep sharing...

  2. gimme some of your knowledge in math. hahaha! I am having a hard time in math during my college days. I am not enrolled now, maybe next sem I will do good. :)

    I'm pibyang