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Friday, May 28, 2010


Joel arrived here in Mandaluyong Sunday Morning. I was so excited that I didn’t sleep the whole night and the funny thing is I slept in the morning when he was already here. He was so pissed of because we planned to meet when he arrived. Fortunately, I was in the mood to apologize so it turned out very well. Here are the happenings…

May 23, 2010(Sunday)

We meet in the afternoon to have a nice and peaceful day with him. We talk and talk and talk and then we eat and then we bought ice cream and then he gave me a long motor ride (this is always been my favorite part when I’m with him).

May 24, 2010

I went shopping with him at SM Megamall. I didn’t expect that we will be meeting this day because he said that he will be going to MOA with his family. We have our lunch at KFC (his favorite fast-food restaurant) and then we headed to St. Francis because I need to buy closed shoes and he also need to buy rubber shoes. After buying, we go back to SM to buy his school bag at Bench. He was so choosy that it took him a lot of time to choose so I got irritated that I ended up his VERY VERY VERY big problem on choosing a bag as I take the bag that I really wanted for him. He didn’t say a thing anymore and agreed on it already. After that, we ate again but this time at my favorite fast-food restaurant, MCDO. It was his entire treat. He bought me chocolates because he didn’t give me pasalubong from Vigan.

May 25. 2010

OUR WAR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We meet in the afternoon but it took only 1 hour because of my mood swing. He was very mad at me and I admit that it was my fault, good thing he accepted my apology.

May 26, 2010

It was our enrollment day. I finished enrolling 10:30. He asked me to go to SM Manila to wait for him. He arrived around 12 noon. We ate at Kenny Rogers and it was his treat again. After lunch, we stroll the mall and he bought me a Penshoppe cologne and Piknik. I think he was just making up to me because he left me for two months (hahahaha,, I love it when he treats me). Before going home, we went to Hyper Super market to have a light snack. He bought me Zagu and siomai at Henlin.

May 27, 2010

He will be going back to Ilocos Sur because he can’t stand her aunt. He will go back before June 15. We went to Greenhills because he bought a brand new phone. He ended up buying Nokia 5233. It was the model that I really want. I told him to buy it because it was a brand new phone from Nokia with 1 year warranty at Nokia center. I was so envious(HUHUHUHU). We also bought a wedding ring for his mom and dad, a bracelet for his brother and slippers for his cousin. He left in the evening. T.T

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Joel is coming home later in the evening from Ilocos Sur to Mandaluyong. We haven't seen each other for two months. It's hard for me to wait as we meet everyday, we go to school together and then instead of riding a bus because it is the easy way to his school, he will insist to go with me on a jeep, he also fetch me after school hours. Anyway, I'm so excited to see him.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Excellent Growth of Paradise on Motherland

“Excellent Growth of Paradise on Motherland”

By: Iah Marie C. Evangelista

Every parent wants to have brainy and incisive offspring. They want to be proud

of them and boast them to other people about their triumph of their aspiration. Now,

regarding the state of our realm, we certainly need to have connoisseurs to improve our patch or native land. Educated people are very worthwhile to anything. They are crucial

to this country because of their knowledge. They help us to realize that courage and

hope are vital characters to have for the development of this country. In that case, we

have to be optimistic every time.

If we think of it, past is really too far away to the present because of the

modernization. I believe that students who are ingenious in this time of the year can

bring progress in this land. As we can see, the beautiful and lime color of the islands are

disappearing, the fresh and smooth odorous wind is being contaminated, the translucent

briny is putrefy by the oil and human trash and the sight of the enchanting nature is

crashed for the structures and workshops. In that fact, we must have an agency that can

cope with these glitches. It has to be arranged by the gifted and perceptive people.

I noticed that younger generation could manage all the conflicts of this country.

For that, we must believe that youth is the hope of this country. I can say that they can

replace the president. I’m happy to know that youth in this era is more developed and

established. They are very promising and they know what’s happening to the world and

the government. They, including me, are trying hard to be a better apprentice to build up

this country. We are aware that this land needs to have well- educated students.

The period in education was one of crisis and questioning. Almost every decision

of educational policy, no matter how large or small, was fraught with political, economic,

and social consequences. It is always connected to the factors of national development

and we can’t do anything about it.

I know that we can compete to the other country because we are very talented.

We can fight and stand in our own feet. We are reliable. The evidence is the outsiders

who always come in this land because of the attractive sight. Even though, the state of

the past has vanished, we can still be proud of what we have. We must have better

students for the future and for the government who can think of a way to develop the

hindrance of this country.

There are scientists who are the cause of our national development for the other

country. They recognized our land because of our skills. Skillful people are absolutely

brainy and they are the reason why our country is progressing. During the past year, the

desire among the progressives to state more adequately the philosophy or beliefs on

which the movement is based has increased.

When talking about the development, we always think of the youth but without

their mentors, they can’t learn. So, we need to have first-class teachers to help the

students to be more knowledgeable. The most visible consequence of the financial

tension was the militant reaction of teachers. Almost all teachers have problems about

their salary but they understand why the government can’t give them hat they want.

Knowledge...resembles a man which stands in the desert and is continuously

threatened with burial by the shifting sands and the hot shine of the sun. Every people

needs to suffer to get what they wanted.

I'm me

I was browsing my USB until I saw one of the article I composed when I was first year high school. I burst out laughing because the grammar is so much more like a child's article...

I’m me!!
By: Iah Marie C. Evangelista

I am a girl who doesn’t want to be restrained.
A peculiar girl who has her own small world.
A girl who wants to be in a home where she can contemplate and unwind her weary and howling being.
A girl who desires harmony and immaculate adjacent.

A young lady who can’t damage other people.
A girl who sobs when she can’t compel herself to do something that is against her thoughts and nature.
A girl who can repress her secrets by herself.
A girl who can’t miked up others because of her hitches.

A girl who has a core that constantly cares for other people.
A girl who continuously clothes herself with an unsullied and serene color to notify people that she is herself.
A girl who can’t dissipate her pessimistic belief to gratify people.
A girl who chooses to be wounded than to miffed her fellow student.
A girl who loves her friends and family.

A girl who’s always demanding for reconciliation to have a perceptive spirit.
A girl with ripe notions.
A girl who has her own disposition.
A young lady who is a bit bizarre but at all times silent.

I am writing this poem to portray my real character.
For now, I’m the only one who can assess myself but I know that I can’t direct other people to stop criticizing me because they have their own motive.
But wait, so far so good, there’s no individual who dispute with me because of my qualities.

They treat me like a “rani”. They’re expecting too much from me which puts hassle in my strain and frustrated brain.
By the way, there’s further more but I’ll let you strive for it.
This is the last part but not yet over.
All I can state is that I’m the only Iah Marie C. Evangelista in this world.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I made this article two years ago for my Editorial in our school magazine

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Familiar right?! As a student, we experience many kinds of feelings or emotions that can affect our daily living. Regarding the fact that we’re all teens, of course we know the feeling of insecurity because we are now in the secondary level which is the complicated stage of our life. I want to point out VANITY. (Ouch! Are you hit?!) Vanity has different meanings. It can only be by taking pictures in a place for hundreds of shots or looking in the mirror thousand times a day, but do you know what is behind the word ”vanity”? Then I’ll tell you! Do you use looks to get what you want? Are you insecure? Do you believe that you can get what you want because of how you look? Do you feel best when others find you physically attractive? Do you believe that many people are envious of you? Do you compete for the spotlight? Are you always promoting yourself? Do you like to be popular? Are you reckless with money ad wealth seeking? Do you like to wear tight fitting clothing? Do you desire more attention? (OUCH!!!! I’m rapidly hit!) If you are hit then BULLSEYE! You are vain! Or should I say you are in the last stage of vanity. STOP IT! Control yourself. Maybe some of the qualities match yours but having all that is not good. Nowadays, more and more people who can be called “modern day witches” start to emerge in this world so we have to be careful. Another meaning is when an individual feels worthless, he becomes insecure because he feels that he is not “worth it,” regardless if it’s true or not. This leads to even more troubling problems like fitting in the “in crowd,” attaining high self-esteem and self-confidence, and finding one’s true identity. The feeling of worthlessness or simply called vanity leaves teenagers to have the craving to fit in. When one feels that he is not worthy, he seeks the attention of others and he feels that he needs their approval. What happens after this? Then that person will find a foolish way to fit in. So what kind of vain are you? I hope you call yourself vain because you just love taking pictures or you just can’t live without a mirror. I hope it will just stay in that stage and not to move on to the last.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marj's debut

Finally, Marj reache 18 years of age. She is the baby girl of the Chx Company(my peer group). Tita Mimi(Marj's mom) has been busy arranging a surprise party for her which happened today at their house. Before going there,I went to Irene's house so we can go together. I'm happy to see Chx Company again and I think we will meet again on the last weeek of May before the resume of the classes. I've known her for almost 8 years and it's funny to think that it is the first time I saw her house. Also, we played "spin the bottle", when I was pointed, they dare me to spell my whole name using my butt.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I really don't have so much to say now..but I will surely be posting on the coming days :)