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Monday, November 22, 2010

hi friends, just want to ask.

Hi friends!

I need your help. i really want to start may blogging career so i could provide for my own tuition fees and something like that. I can't submit my form because i don't have page ranks. i really don't know what to do to have that page rank. so i am asking you now how can i increase my page rank. i hope you could help me because I'm really desperate on starting my blogging career to provide for my own needs in school. haisst... i'm really disturbed about my tuition fees. it's so expensive

thank you!!!



  1. This'll help ya!

    read all about it, NOTE : you wont be earning much on the first steps, the last step is the goldmine!.

    PS, reply ka nmn pag chinat kita :D

  2. Hi! Just write a lot of topics with sense. You may also consider increasing alexa rank instead of google.

  3. am not an expert but you can try searching online for tips

  4. hmmm interesting...check ko rin yung comment ni yanah hehehe..

  5. i know how it feels. but don't worry... blogging takes time and patience. don't pressure your self my dear.
    enjoy and soon enough, you'll have your pagerank soon.
    it took me a year to have my PR.

    read more blogging tips...

  6. just like yen, i'm not an expert too. i started blogging and earning through it two months ago. read more blogging tips and do daily visits. it's really true, earning takes a lot of patience and perseverance. good luck!

    Pink Memoirs

  7. Another major thing is while link exchanging concentrate mainly on blogs having page rank. That will boost your page rank to 4 or 5. All the best buddy.

  8. just take your time sis :) maybe after a month or two u'll have a pagerank mine is new so i dont have any pa but hoping to have one soon :)

  9. Post valuable content and post regularly. Give your readers a reason to visit your blog everyday. Good thing you already have your own domain. That will give you an edge over the other blogs.

  10. ALWAYS visit other blogs, leave sensible comments so that they will visit you back! go girl!

  11. thank you friends!!

    i learned a lot..