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Saturday, July 31, 2010

sorry for my grammar and errors

We checked our examination in Filipino and I was the highest because I got 74 over 80 with the average of 96 percent. I’m so glad that the result of some of my exams turned out so well but maybe because these are easy subjects. I don’t know about the other subjects but my Finance exam result will be so bad because the correct answer is using 500 as the number of shares and it is 35 points. Huhuhu. I failed my prelim in my major subject. I am so stupid.


thank GOD

The result of my English exam is good because I got 96 percent and I was thankful to Aaron that he asked me to see Judie’s paper. i searched Judie’s paper and then I first saw mine so I checked it and I found out that there are three correct answers that is marked wrong so I told my professor about it and she checked it so the 93 went p to 96. Then the result of my Microeconomics exam is okay. What happened is we checked papers which is not ours after that she get the scores and when my surname is called, I heard that I was 82 percent and I really felt bad but then when the papers are back on their owners, the professor corrected so many errors that she committed and I hate her for that. My 82 percent turns to 90 and I’m very happy. That professor my lokaret professor and we hate her because she always talk about non sense things and she don’t teach but we teach her.


My exam in Human resource management is easy but I can’t answer it because I didn’t review the lectures. I hate HRM. I hate the lectures that he has given to us, it was so boring because he repeats key terms and it was so many. I will just let it be but I will be studying really hard on midterms so I can make up. On my business mathematics exam, I computed all the given problems but my problem is I don’t know if my answers and computations are correct. I really hope it was because I want to have high grades this semester. My professor in obligations and contracts didn’t come up so our exam is moved on Monday and I am expecting that it will be a hell. Professors in law are very hard to please. They always want to have recitation and you can’t sit if you won’t give the right answer. I hate studying law. It makes me so crazy that I want to commit harakiri. Hahahaha

stupid me

My Finance examination is a trick one also. we are asked to compute the net cash receivable and the net cash outlay with one given transaction. I know how to compute but there are two numbers of shares, the 100 and the 500. I didn’t know what I will be choosing because we never encountered it before. I saw Aimee’s answer and she got 6000 on her principal amount so I copied her answer then I computed. When I passed the paper, I asked them what did they use and we used different numbers. Some use the 100 and some used the 500 so we didn’t know the correct answer. I was really disappointed with myself because it was my major subject. Huhuhuhu… I was so stupid.

Filipino and history

I have an examination in Filipino today. It was quite easy also because we are asked to draw an organization chart that we are involved so I make pauso na lang because I don’t know the names of the leaders of my JFINEX organization. The essay is difficult for me to answer because we are asked to compare talahanayan and flow chart and I forgot the meaning of both so I wrote based on my understanding. On my second subject, we checked our Quiz last meeting and I’m very nervous with the result because I can’t answer the chronological type. When I saw my paper, it has no score so I nervously count and I got forty eight over sixty. Awww… I’m so sad but I think it has an average of ninety so I won’t take it badly. Anyway, that’s what happened to me this morning. I took my lunch with my FM(figgies and monkeys) friends at mcdo and I missed them so much. After that, Joel and I meet to eat again at Mang Inasal around 4 o clock. He treat me because he thought that I was mad at him.

prelim exams

Gosh! I so nervous this morning because I am piled up with prelim examinations this Monday morning until the afternoon. Well, I am aiming for high grades so that my mind will be focused on my studies. I think it is effective to aim something so that you will be working really hard to achieve it. You will be focused and centralize on doing you’re part to aim that something.

I first took the English exam and it’s pretty easy because my expected questions are met though there are three questions that are so tricky and I really can’t answer it. Then after that I took the prelim examination in Microeconomics. It was easy also but she sad that there will be a second part next meeting which is over 50. I am expecting that it will be hard because my expected questions are asked already so I’m wondering what will be the questions on that over 50 examination. Anyways, I feel so sleepy. I will just continue the story of my life as a college student on the second article.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

rat minded fellow

There is somebody that got into my nerve because of his comment on my status in facebook. I will just call him rat minded guy that is so rude, super mayabang and not good looking as his attitude matches his look. I would not criticize his physical appearance if his attitude is good but unfortunately he is a kind of guy who will be hated by others. He is a kontra bida and if you voice out what’s in your mind then it is an assurance that he will contradict you. He has no right to interfere on what I’m saying. He is hated by many people..binabara na nga sya di pa rin sya tumitigil. So manhid naman nya. MILK him! Hahaha… pakialameron mayabang na wala naang ipagmamalaki. KAYA IKAW! TUMAHIMIK KA! We don’t have the same opinion so SHUT UP! You can never force anybody to have opinion the same that you have. STUPID!

i don't know how to withdraw!

I was so shonga shonga this afternoon. Hahahahahahaha. I was trying to withdraw the money that papa gave for the partial payment of my tuition. I was nervous because I don’t know how to withdraw and there is a long line behind me so I should make the transaction fast. I push the pad of withdrawal and then it asked me to type the amount and then i pressed ok. After pressing ok, it asked me do I have more time and I said no and then my atm popped out without the money. The next in line was staring at me and the he asked if there’s something wrong and then I said nothing. I went back to the line because I was so worried that my balance will be decreased by the amount of what I typed. Fortunately the balance is still the same and then I texted my friends and asked them what to do. Hahahaha…Gosh! I felt like a provincial runaway.

lazy professor

My most hated professor this semester is my professor in human resource management. He is not effective for me and I hate him. He is so boring. I think he is just there so he can get the income without minding the students. We don’t understand what he’s saying. We just stare at him and pretend that we are listening.

My index card was picked this morning and I was not able to answer his enumeration question. I super hate him that I want to make his life miserable the way he’s making mine so so so so irritating! He doesn’t have the right to give low grades because he is so lazy and taking advantage of his position. Boo! Professors like him should be terminated! Now!

joel's immaturity

I had a fight with Joel this afternoon. He was too angry that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. I just thought of something. I realized that our relationship has no purpose. I can’t think of any purpose. Maybe it was just keeping company. I don’t know. I am so confused. I hate him when he’s too angry. He is being an immature when he’s angry and I really hate it. I hope someday when the time comes that we’re separated, he will realized my worth. Also when that time comes, I hope I will be open minded and find someone who will love me better the way he does. I hope God would help me. I need it now. I think Joel is the punishment for the bad things that I have done.

grade conscious

Sometimes being a grade conscious is so much irritating. This person always compares his/her assignment to everyone especially to those he/she is competing to. I have a grade conscious friend and sometimes I hate it when she’s like that. i think I’m a grade conscious person also but I keep it in myself. I don’t care about things but I just keep it in myself. I hate it when this person gets a low grade, she will just keep quiet it’s as if she wants to cry or kill herself. I mean its not the end of the world. If she’s worried then just keep it in herself, she doesn’t have to show it to everybody. Basta! I can’t explain the real thing. It’s too long if I tell the story. I would just don’t mind her for being like that. I just wrote an article to throw away the things in my mind that always bugs me.

wee? korny!

I am very pissed off with Nonoy. He didn’t even make his SONA day as a holiday. I think it should be a no classes day because it is his first SONA as a newly elected president and we should all have to listen to it. Maybe he doesn’t want people to hear his SONA specially the students. I like him because he is an AQUINO but I hate him when he doesn’t act like a president. He should act as an authority. He should have the guts and poise of a president. Hopefully he would be able to correct all the malpractices and injustices in this country. The wang wang thing that he said on his inauguration is not valid for me because he is a president and he has to avoid traffic for self protection. It can be the cause of his assassination. Well, if he just wants to die like the cinematic death of Rizal then be it. Whatever! How could we honor and respect such a person if he will be like that. My bet is Gibo and too sad he didn’t win.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

malling with tita, maron and hazel

I went to Mega Mall with tita, hazel and Maron (as always). Tita bought a cute backpack from Jansport at Travel Club with so very big paper bag and then tita bought me a Converse rubber shoes so the next time we went out, we will all wear our Converse. Then we ate at Pizza hut as always. And then tita bought Maron a jag thug jacket and Hazel’s ear phones and a polo t-shirt or something like that. I love tita because she always gives us a part of her salary so that we can buy what we want. I always believe that someone who shares his/her blessings will be always blessed and wealthy. When I graduate and find a stable job, I will always take a part of my salary to be shared with other people. We should always share what we have in able to have a good life. Because what we give will be returned twice of it was.

saturdays with joel

All my Saturdays are served to be with Joel. Saturdays are fun day, rest day and the day that should always be enjoyed without thinking anything about school and studies. We go to different malls and eat lunch together and sometimes we buy something we want and then we eat and eat and eat. That’s the reason why I’m getting so fat and I don’t really mind it. I am happy to be with him on Saturdays because we don’t meet too much on weekdays. Our schedule don’t match ad I have a lot of subjects on my MWF class. We act more mature now compared last semester. We don’t meet on weekdays that much but we never fight anymore unlike the past years. Hopefully it will always be like that and hopefully we would be together in the future. I love Joel because he is so shy but his mind is set to help his family especially her mother. He always says that when he graduate, he will save a lot of money to bring her mother to an eye specialist because there is something wrong in her mom’s eyes. Hopefully it will be US in the future but I am not hoping to anything. I’m just wishing and I will allow God to take control.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

aimee's foot

Aimee’s foot was sprained and I thought that it was just a little sprain but it is not so I accompanied her to the clinic because I know the feeling of having a sprain on the foot. She was given a mefenamic acid and a cold compress to be massaged on the hurt part. It is one of my little good deeds for today. I went home early because I won’t be meeting Joel today because his class ends at five in the afternoon and I am not in the mood to wait because of my period. Anyway, I will end my topic here, I am really sleepy.

i got 92

I was feeling so nervous this morning before history subject because know that my name will be called in that recitation. I was ready and prepared but I am feeling so nervous that I don’t want to go to class. Luckily, there is something forcing me to just wait for the professor and recite the knowledge that I recently obtain. And then the my most hated professor came and called so many surnames but none of them didn’t even have the courage to stand up. They didn’t recite and explain anything. The truth is I was hoping that they will not recite because only knew one topic to explain and if someone explains it, my effort will be useless. After 13 surnames, I was called and stand up slowly. I explain the novel of Beecher Stowe, the Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It started the Civil War in America where Abram Lincoln met Stowe and said “so this is the little lady who started the big war”. I got 92 out of 93. I never expected that she’ll give me such a high grade. Maybe she was impressed because I was the only one who stands up. Well, I hope I will always have high grades until finals.

my TTh professors

I only have two subjects in my TTH class, first period is the Filipino. I already know the professor because she is a substitute professor last year in my panitikan and I don’t like her but I’m starting to like her now because she is kind in the class although she acts like a man (so siga). I don’t like my professor in Rizal. I hate the professor and I hate subject. I hate histories and something on the like. I super hate it. I hate her because she gives so much assignments everyday and she gives very low grades. She always gives essay type assignments and the very hard exercises on the book. In short, I HATE HER! I am wondering why we have to learn history. I hate history. We can never get back the past. Its already the past and history do not repeats itself because it was already history and the past. Okay???!!! So please never ever say that history repeats itself because it will never happen. We should let the soul of the heroes rest in peace. We should not talk so much about them (take away the history subjects in the curriculum).

my MWF professors

My professor in English is nice and very approachable but her way of giving a quiz is not so good because I only got 15 out of 25 in our first quiz and the highest is only 19. it was a very difficult quiz but I hope she will change it on the coming quizzes. My professor in human resource management is BORING!he talks and talks and talks sosososos fast that I always feel so sleepy. I don’t like him. He’s a kind of professor who just talks without even thinking about the students. I hate him and I hate how he teaches. My professor in microeconomics is nice but she doesn’t know how to explain clearly. Good thing she s very kind and approachable and I like her even though my she always makes my life miserable when she’s explaining in front because she makes simple things so complicated. My professor in business math is very good in teaching. She really looks so upper class. I like her even though I’m scared of her. I don’t know why I really like her and at the same time I’m afraid of her. She is a retired professor but she’s still teaching in UE. She is a head turner old woman because of her clothing style. My professor in law of obligation and contracts is approachable also but she gives very low grade and very difficult quiz. Everyday is a recitation day so be sure to read and read and read because you won’t know if you’re next in line. I was so lucky that she called me first. And last but not the least, my professor in investment principles who is a shemale. I like him because he is so funny and so gay that he always makes me so alive during his class. I like him. And he gives easy quizzes. I hope he will always be my professor in my FM classes.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

feeling major

I hate professors who are feeling major. One of my minor subjects professor is feeling major. She is so fat and I hate her. She makes my life miserable with her everyday assignments and her terrifying and confusing graded recitation. I hate her for being so KJ. She forces us to recite so she can give us a grade but almost all my professors give us 100 percent even if we are not really reciting. I really hate her! She is so pa major. My professor in my major subject is so funny and I like him, ooppss..her pala…ay him…hehe…he;s gay and I like him. He I so considerate unlike the feeling major professor that is so fat with big rounded eyes and her skin is so black because of her fatness. I wish I won’t encounter a professor like her next semester.

single again

Sometimes I want to be single again so that I will start to live on my own and do things that I like without him. Being in a relationship is hard because its true that your social life will be lessen because he will be the one to fill your social life. Him only and that’s boring. But sometimes I think that my life is created to be with him. It has to see myself alone again without him and it will be too hard to accept it when we decided to separate ways and I hope it won’t happen. But I always pray for the answers and I will accept what God wants for me because I know that it will be the best for me.


Joel’s **** is so irritating that I want to kill her. Sorry for being so mean but that’s what I feel. Being a ****, she have to be a guardian to Joel because she took the responsibility of taking care of him as Joel’s parents are at the province. But that’s not what she’s doing, maybe she feeds him but Joel’s parents are giving her something and beside she is a **** and they have the same blood so its supposed to be her will to feed him. This semester, she don’t give Joel his allowance and I understand Joel for not asking because I know that he is really shy and he knows the attitude of that stupid and very selfish ****. I hate her because she’s the only **** that practices that attitude towards her *****. Awwww! I will just end it here although I have many things to say about her.

iah evangelista only

I got my BDO ATM card but I was disappointed with it because my name is not complete. I want it to be complete so that I can feel that it is really mine(hehe..choosy pa e noh). Unfortunately I won’t use it but rather I need to put more savings. I wish I could already earn from this blog but I think it will take time because I can’t make a post on weekdays because I’m so busy with my studies and that’s my priority. Hopefully I can pass the requirements of the pay u2 blog because I’m really excited to have assignments like tita. Maybe if I pass and started the assignments, I will make sure to do all of it because I want to earn on my own and it was happy to do something that you know you will be paid from your own effort.


I am the most plastic person today. It all happened when I forcefully accept the invitation of ???? ????? to go with them at a seminar for a business. I won’t tell it anymore to be unbiased. We attended the first seminar and it lasts for two hours. First it was okay but then after that, there was the second set of people and ???? ????? told us to stay and listen again. My mood shifted to the most terrible mood I’ve ever had. I got really irritated and I want to go home but I can’t. I almost cry because I really wanted to go home. It is Saturday and I‘m supposed to be enjoying. I hate the concept of the business because its too risky knowing that I am just a college student and I cant sll the retailer sim to my classmates. I know its not for me. Going back to what I said earlier, I was so plastic because I smile when she talks to me even if I’m irritated. I really need to, to show her my respect.

Friday, July 2, 2010

wants and my need

I want to write about my wants (luxuries) because I can’t have it now but I know I will be having all of it 3 to 4 years later. I want to collect different brand of watches but hopefully I can buy the white wrist Skechers. I also want to have a DS, sounds like I’m a kid but that will satisfy my cravings. I want to have a signature perfume, I won’t tell the brand anymore because I forget how to spell it. And I also want different brand of clothing and bags and shoes. HAHA…I’m so materialistic but I know that I won’t take it all to heaven. I just want to have all of it to increase my happiness just a little. But I’d be happy to have someone to support my studies except mama and papa. I mean someone who will voluntarily help me pay the school expenses and tuition fees. If God give me the person, I will make sure that it will be worth it.

June 21.2010

I just thought about my relationship with Joel. I am not sure if we are meant to be. Hopefully God will help me seek the answers of my questions. I like Joel so much now compared last year. He changed a little and I like it. We act more mature na than before. I hope he’s always like that. there is something bothering me and I can’t explain here what is it. It’s about him going to his province after his graduation. Sometimes I wish that he will fail his subjects so that he can’t graduate that early. Aww…..I’m so selfish! But that’s what I feel. I hope God will me give me the strength to the future consequences .

campanerang kuba

I miss my high school life. I admit that college life is really fun but high school life is so different. I miss my classmates. I want to see them and be with them like the old ties but sad to say it is VERY impossible. I miss the bonding moments that we had. The laughter, the childish attitude and the odd things that we experienced together. Our section is very tied up together. We are close because we are classmates since elementary. I know that we are envied with the other sections because there is something about us. I don’t miss the school. NEVER in my life! Haha… I just had a flashback of CAMPANERANG KUBA!!!haha…. you want to know her? Uhhm..she is the authority, the plastic, the small kuba, the feeling intelligent authority, the bias one, the cheapest of all authority! Haha… and most of ALL, I hate her! Damn old witch!

June 20.2010

I was happy that I had the guts to recite this morning in my English class. I am really shy to recite because they are block section and I don’t want to be criticized. But this time, no one is reciting and I knew the answer of the question so I forcefully raise my hand. My professor asked me to repeat what I said coz she’s the only one who heard my voice. They kept quiet when I speak and Thank You Lord that they listen. We only had discussion on my human resource management subject. Unfortunately, I was called to have a board work on my business mathematics. I was really unfortunate because I wasn’t able to balance the bank recon statement. Good thing my classmate lends me his answers. Thanks to him! My professor in business law and contracts didn’t attend the class. I don’t like her because she is a smiling terror professor.

boring day!

Today is the most sleepiest day I’ve ever encounter in my college years. I have only two subjects today, the pagbasa at pagsulat and the life and works of Rizal. I feel so sleepy when I listen to the history. I don’t like history even when I was an elementary student. I find it really BOOOOORRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!! Boo! I hate it the most. I will choose math even if I’m not so good with it than history, sibika,hekasi or whatever they call it. I am sorry to say but I am not interested with such things. Past is past and we have to leave it behind (haha).

June 17 2010

On the third day of classes, my two professors showed up. They ask for our names and then they required us to buy the “PRESCRIBED BOOK” of the university. I was really irritated because the two subjects is just a MINOR subject and my MAJOR subject didn’t require the book. Anyway, I was so happy that my seatmate talked to me and we became friends. I learned that he was also a third year student and he was a transferee from CCP. He was kind and friendly and small (hehe). I went home early because Joel is sick and he can’t move his body. I really don’t like it when he’s sick because his body is so big and so masculine (for me). The fun vanished when I went home. I really hate staing at home. My foot itches so much that I really want to go out and do something and talk to him or my friends.

June 16, 2010

Surprisingly, the second day of my class is BORING! All the professors came up, maybe because the checker is starting to monitor the professor’s attendance. Some of my professors are funny and friendly but some are not. The books are expensive and I like professors who don’t require books because I think they are very aware of the situations of the earth now. Of course I hate professors who require to buy the expensive books. Good thing that some of my friends already taken up my present subjects so I borrow their books so I can save a lot. I don’t want to ask money from my parents because I know that it is not easy to give 1000 pesos just for the two books. I have my own way of helping my parents.

June 15 2010

My first day of classes is not bad but not that good. My black shoes pissed me off. I thought that it was going to be okay because I already tried it so many times and it was so fine but when I used it on the first day, it gave me a hard time to walk. Maybe it’s because my foot rested for two months and it was only shocked to the new black shoes. Joel fetch me after my class. We ate at the University Belt food court. We talked about what happened to our classes and then he came up of going to Greenhills and he will not attend his second class anymore because he knows that the professor has 99% possibility of not attending the class. He bought me an original housing of my cellular phone. He also bought jelly case for mine and his cellular phone.