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Friday, August 20, 2010

not so important

I lied to him this day. I said that I don’t have a class today because my professors have gone to attend a meeting. I lied because I don’t want to wait for him until 5pm. My class for this day ends at 1030am and I am sure that if I said that I want to go home early, he will just be so disappointed and didn’t want to talk to me. I was just avoiding misunderstandings and I don’t want to have a fight with him. I am very tired to have a non sense fight with him. You see, I am adjusting my level of maturity to his level. I am more mature compared to him and being a mature person, I need to level up with his maturity to avoid fights and misunderstanding. Men are late bloomer when it comes to the level of maturity. He is a kind of guy that is very hard to handle but day’s passes quickly that I learn how to cope with him. Maybe someday he’ll realize his stupidity.

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