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Friday, November 26, 2010


i found the files of my summaries of novels in my usb. I read it again and it was so funny. i made these summary when I'm in second year high school.


The kingdom of king Horthgar is having a party and all are enjoying that they are shouting and singing and chatting until Grendel suddenly attacked them. He was so strong that all the people there can’t control him. All the servants and people tried to fight him but no one can stop him. When king Horthgar showed up to him, he did not dare to fight him. He didn’t even touch him and that’s because he is his father. The kingdom was looking for a hero because for them, God can’t take the action. Then came Beowulf. He is unbeatable and he has all the qualities that a hero must have. According to him, he already encountered many monsters and he defeated them all since he doesn’t fear death. The king agreed to his offer and Unferth was very jealous about it. So the king asked for another party. Beowulf met Whealtheow. He can’t take his eyes of her. In the evening, he asked all the servants to sing very loud. Grendel attacked them again but Beowulf was able to cut his arm then he found out about Grendel’s sensitive ear so he hit it. Grendel died but his mother was still there to have revenge. Because of the triumph, the king gave him the golden horn then Grendel’s mother showed up to him. She took the horn. Beowulf slept with her at the cave. After that, the king suicide so Beowulf replaced him. He was now Whealthow’s husband. The kingdom goes on well as he takes charge until a dragon attacked them again. Grendel’s mother showed up again with the dragon. He managed to kill the dragon but he didn’t survive. He died. Wiglaf took charge because he is a great friend. The dragon that Beowulf killed is his own son and he knows that. In the end, Wiglaf found out that there is something that happened between the mother and Beowulf.

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