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Monday, October 17, 2011

the horse and his boy

i wrote this when i was in high school that's why it is full of grammatical errors


Shasta was living with Arsheesh the Calormene fisherman who adopted him and takes care of him. Shasta was not really happy living with Arsheesh because he always do the work in the house and actually, Arsheesh was a moody man. One day. A Tarkaan came to buy Shasta. Shasta heard the conversations and there he met Bree. They decided to Narnia and the North. Shasta really don’t know anything about places and things because Arsheesh don’t allow him to go anywhere. They travel and encounter other places. They met Aravis and Hwin But not simple as I was saying because they are hiding to other people to avoid some problem that’s why they met Aravis and Hwin by wrong image because they thought that there’s something following them that they thought that it was a lion. When they met, Aravis was not looking at Shasta because she doesn’t like him. Aravis tell her story to them that she was a daughter of Kidrash Tarkaan, son of Rishti Tarkaan. Her stepmother decided to prepare a marriage for her and Ahoshta Tarkaan that’s why she left. The four of them decided to travel together because they have the same destination that is the Narnia. They travel and travel until they came to Tashbaan and there, Shasta encounter many things that he wasn’t familiar with. It was not also easy for them to go through the gate. They saw some people, where problem starts to begin. Shasta met Edmund and Lucy who thought that he was Corin but Shasta don’t know him that’s why he just pretend until Corin came and they made a good friends. Shasta rushed to go to the tombs because he thought that Bree, Hwin and Aravis were waiting a long time for him but when he arrived, there’s no one there except the tombs of the Ancient King. He sleeps there for one night. That night was not good for him because he was very afraid. He was relieved when he saw a cat that stay with him in the night. When he woke up in the morning he saw the two horses with a stranger but what happen is Aravis saw Lasaraleen who help her. They go hrough the house of the Tisroc to help Aravis to go to the tombs of the Ancient kings safely. They successfully made it but they encounter many problems also because they are keeping themselves from the Tisroc. They heard the plan of Rabadash and Aravis tell all of it to the three when she arrived. That plan was to kill King Lune and Destroy Narnia. They hurried going there because they want to save the king from Rabadash. When they saw him coming, they double there speed and they met the Hermit who help them from the lion who attacked Aravis when they were rushing. The hermit let Shasta to go alone while the three will stay with him to rest. Shasta met King Lune on the way and he quickly tell him but when they were rushing to the place of the king, he lose his path and he met a lion which is Aslan. They talk and after that Aslan vanished and Shasta was bring by Aslan to Narnia. He met many dwarfs who helped him. When he woke up from his sleep he saw Lucy, Edmund and Corin. That time Corin tell the truth about what happened last time and they understand. It was the time when the war started and even if Hwin, Bree and Aravis was not there, they was able to know what’s happening to Shasta because of the Hermit. They win the battle and they jailed Rabadash. Shasta discovered that his name was Cor anh he was a brother of Corin. The three decide to go with Shasta and they also met Aslan. He tells them that he was the one who wounded Aravis. Rabadash turns to a donkey by the did of Aslan but he learned his lesson that’s why he became the best of all the Tisroc. Shasta and Aravis got married and Hwin and Aravis too, but not with each other.