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Friday, September 10, 2010

five exams on a monday

My Monday turned out to be so quiet but full of doubts and questions about my Exams. My first exam is English that I thought would be easy for me to answer but I’m so wrong because of that Test II which we have to identify the ungrammaticality or if there is something wrong with the subject, verb and pronoun then we changed it to make it correct. It was so nakaka-bobo because I couldn’t find any (hehehe). The second exam is the human resource management. The exam is kind of easy but there are terms that I forgot. I was just worrying about the quiz that is incorporated in the exam. We are asked to define three words that are five points each and it is equivalent to three quizzes because we don’t have any quizzes in the subject. I’ll just continue my Monday story in the next article.

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