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Saturday, July 24, 2010

wee? korny!

I am very pissed off with Nonoy. He didn’t even make his SONA day as a holiday. I think it should be a no classes day because it is his first SONA as a newly elected president and we should all have to listen to it. Maybe he doesn’t want people to hear his SONA specially the students. I like him because he is an AQUINO but I hate him when he doesn’t act like a president. He should act as an authority. He should have the guts and poise of a president. Hopefully he would be able to correct all the malpractices and injustices in this country. The wang wang thing that he said on his inauguration is not valid for me because he is a president and he has to avoid traffic for self protection. It can be the cause of his assassination. Well, if he just wants to die like the cinematic death of Rizal then be it. Whatever! How could we honor and respect such a person if he will be like that. My bet is Gibo and too sad he didn’t win.

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