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Saturday, July 24, 2010

rat minded fellow

There is somebody that got into my nerve because of his comment on my status in facebook. I will just call him rat minded guy that is so rude, super mayabang and not good looking as his attitude matches his look. I would not criticize his physical appearance if his attitude is good but unfortunately he is a kind of guy who will be hated by others. He is a kontra bida and if you voice out what’s in your mind then it is an assurance that he will contradict you. He has no right to interfere on what I’m saying. He is hated by many people..binabara na nga sya di pa rin sya tumitigil. So manhid naman nya. MILK him! Hahaha… pakialameron mayabang na wala naang ipagmamalaki. KAYA IKAW! TUMAHIMIK KA! We don’t have the same opinion so SHUT UP! You can never force anybody to have opinion the same that you have. STUPID!

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