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Saturday, July 17, 2010

my TTh professors

I only have two subjects in my TTH class, first period is the Filipino. I already know the professor because she is a substitute professor last year in my panitikan and I don’t like her but I’m starting to like her now because she is kind in the class although she acts like a man (so siga). I don’t like my professor in Rizal. I hate the professor and I hate subject. I hate histories and something on the like. I super hate it. I hate her because she gives so much assignments everyday and she gives very low grades. She always gives essay type assignments and the very hard exercises on the book. In short, I HATE HER! I am wondering why we have to learn history. I hate history. We can never get back the past. Its already the past and history do not repeats itself because it was already history and the past. Okay???!!! So please never ever say that history repeats itself because it will never happen. We should let the soul of the heroes rest in peace. We should not talk so much about them (take away the history subjects in the curriculum).

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