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Saturday, July 24, 2010

i don't know how to withdraw!

I was so shonga shonga this afternoon. Hahahahahahaha. I was trying to withdraw the money that papa gave for the partial payment of my tuition. I was nervous because I don’t know how to withdraw and there is a long line behind me so I should make the transaction fast. I push the pad of withdrawal and then it asked me to type the amount and then i pressed ok. After pressing ok, it asked me do I have more time and I said no and then my atm popped out without the money. The next in line was staring at me and the he asked if there’s something wrong and then I said nothing. I went back to the line because I was so worried that my balance will be decreased by the amount of what I typed. Fortunately the balance is still the same and then I texted my friends and asked them what to do. Hahahaha…Gosh! I felt like a provincial runaway.

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