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Saturday, July 31, 2010


My exam in Human resource management is easy but I can’t answer it because I didn’t review the lectures. I hate HRM. I hate the lectures that he has given to us, it was so boring because he repeats key terms and it was so many. I will just let it be but I will be studying really hard on midterms so I can make up. On my business mathematics exam, I computed all the given problems but my problem is I don’t know if my answers and computations are correct. I really hope it was because I want to have high grades this semester. My professor in obligations and contracts didn’t come up so our exam is moved on Monday and I am expecting that it will be a hell. Professors in law are very hard to please. They always want to have recitation and you can’t sit if you won’t give the right answer. I hate studying law. It makes me so crazy that I want to commit harakiri. Hahahaha

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