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Sunday, July 18, 2010

saturdays with joel

All my Saturdays are served to be with Joel. Saturdays are fun day, rest day and the day that should always be enjoyed without thinking anything about school and studies. We go to different malls and eat lunch together and sometimes we buy something we want and then we eat and eat and eat. That’s the reason why I’m getting so fat and I don’t really mind it. I am happy to be with him on Saturdays because we don’t meet too much on weekdays. Our schedule don’t match ad I have a lot of subjects on my MWF class. We act more mature now compared last semester. We don’t meet on weekdays that much but we never fight anymore unlike the past years. Hopefully it will always be like that and hopefully we would be together in the future. I love Joel because he is so shy but his mind is set to help his family especially her mother. He always says that when he graduate, he will save a lot of money to bring her mother to an eye specialist because there is something wrong in her mom’s eyes. Hopefully it will be US in the future but I am not hoping to anything. I’m just wishing and I will allow God to take control.

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