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Saturday, July 17, 2010

my MWF professors

My professor in English is nice and very approachable but her way of giving a quiz is not so good because I only got 15 out of 25 in our first quiz and the highest is only 19. it was a very difficult quiz but I hope she will change it on the coming quizzes. My professor in human resource management is BORING!he talks and talks and talks sosososos fast that I always feel so sleepy. I don’t like him. He’s a kind of professor who just talks without even thinking about the students. I hate him and I hate how he teaches. My professor in microeconomics is nice but she doesn’t know how to explain clearly. Good thing she s very kind and approachable and I like her even though my she always makes my life miserable when she’s explaining in front because she makes simple things so complicated. My professor in business math is very good in teaching. She really looks so upper class. I like her even though I’m scared of her. I don’t know why I really like her and at the same time I’m afraid of her. She is a retired professor but she’s still teaching in UE. She is a head turner old woman because of her clothing style. My professor in law of obligation and contracts is approachable also but she gives very low grade and very difficult quiz. Everyday is a recitation day so be sure to read and read and read because you won’t know if you’re next in line. I was so lucky that she called me first. And last but not the least, my professor in investment principles who is a shemale. I like him because he is so funny and so gay that he always makes me so alive during his class. I like him. And he gives easy quizzes. I hope he will always be my professor in my FM classes.

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