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Friday, July 2, 2010

campanerang kuba

I miss my high school life. I admit that college life is really fun but high school life is so different. I miss my classmates. I want to see them and be with them like the old ties but sad to say it is VERY impossible. I miss the bonding moments that we had. The laughter, the childish attitude and the odd things that we experienced together. Our section is very tied up together. We are close because we are classmates since elementary. I know that we are envied with the other sections because there is something about us. I don’t miss the school. NEVER in my life! Haha… I just had a flashback of CAMPANERANG KUBA!!!haha…. you want to know her? Uhhm..she is the authority, the plastic, the small kuba, the feeling intelligent authority, the bias one, the cheapest of all authority! Haha… and most of ALL, I hate her! Damn old witch!

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