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Saturday, July 31, 2010

thank GOD

The result of my English exam is good because I got 96 percent and I was thankful to Aaron that he asked me to see Judie’s paper. i searched Judie’s paper and then I first saw mine so I checked it and I found out that there are three correct answers that is marked wrong so I told my professor about it and she checked it so the 93 went p to 96. Then the result of my Microeconomics exam is okay. What happened is we checked papers which is not ours after that she get the scores and when my surname is called, I heard that I was 82 percent and I really felt bad but then when the papers are back on their owners, the professor corrected so many errors that she committed and I hate her for that. My 82 percent turns to 90 and I’m very happy. That professor my lokaret professor and we hate her because she always talk about non sense things and she don’t teach but we teach her.

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