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Saturday, January 1, 2011

pizza hut



Whenever Maron (my little brother), Hazel (my cousin), Tita Rhea and I went out to SM Mega mall, one thing is for sure, we’ll eat at Pizza Hut Restaurant. The three of them loves to eat there except me. I hate cheese and I will never ever like it. I hate foods that contain cheese and at Pizza Hut there I no such thing as no cheese food except the Barbeque ribs with rice. Hazel always orders Lasagna because according to her, Pizza Hut’s lasagna tastes like mechado, which is her all time favorite viand. We drink bottomless red iced tea, soft drinks or lemon iced tea. The next time we go there, I think I’ll just order carbonara.the other pictures of the foods we order were accidentally deleted because of my stupidity.


  1. wow! isn't that a feast.. i love pizza!

  2. i love lasagna in greenwich but this one looks yummy too =) happy new year!

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