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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

charlotte's web summary book report

VI. Summary

The story started at the part where Mr. Arable was going to kill the newborn runt

pig that is Wilbur. Fern saved him at the very last minute. Her father gave her the runt

pig because of her ripeness. She took care of the pig like what her mother did to her.

Because of that, the runt pig turns to a healthy and fleshy pig to the point that it needs to

be on a barn. Fern’s Uncle Homer bought the pig to her for only six dollars.

The barn was large. Fern was always there to watch Wilbur. There is a time

when Wilbur escaped because Fern didn’t visit; but he was happy that time because he

felt the pleasant wind even though it turned out bad. The other animals are not close to

him. They are always snubbing him that’s why sometimes he’s very lonely. One night, he

heard a voice and that was Charlotte who is very friendly to him compared to the others.

They became good friends. The other animals started to get along with them. The farm

is getting larger because some of the animals are laying eggs like when the goose laid 7


Wilbur was very interested to Charlotte. He was amazed that she can do lots of

things. For him, she was talented even though he was not happy when he heard that

she was eating bugs, grasshoppers and other insects. One day, he tried doing the

weaving because he wants to show the other animals that he can do anything. But he

realize that he can’t do what she can do.

Wilbur discovered that he will be killed and that really bugged him. All he can do

is cry about that; but Charlotte said that she’d save him so he doesn’t have to worry

about it. Fern hears all the talking of the animals and she’s always talking about it at

home. Charlotte’s promise to Wilbur is not forgotten so she started the move. She wove

“some pig” on her web. The people started to notice it to the point that there are always

people there watching Wilbur. After a few days, Charlotte change the word to “terrific” so

Wilbur has to look terrific for all the people watching him. Fern always know the plan

because she can hear them but her mother is worried about her so she asked Dr.

Dorian. According to him, she is normal and nothing to worry about.

Going back to Wilbur, the Zuckerman decided to join a fair for Wilbur. All of them

are present to the fair except for the other animals. Charlotte and Templeton hide to be

with Wilbur. There, they met Uncle, the pig who won the first prize. It’s fine because

Wilbur received a special award because Charlotte wove “humble” on his place. After

the awarding, Wilbur noticed Charlotte with the egg sac looking so weak. She decided to

stay there, Wilbur is sad about her decision so he decided to took care of the egg sac.

Charlotte died after the fair. The barn looks odd for him because Charlotte isn’t there.

The egg sac hatch and Wilbur was very happy: but they all leave except for the three

who stayed with him at least. He was very thankful for Charlotte that he will not be killed


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  1. i like this book. nakaka-touch yung friendship nung spider at nung pig.