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Saturday, January 15, 2011

tuesdays with morrie summary book report


The last class of Morrie took place once a week in his home. It is every Tuesday and it required no books and no grades. There is only one student and that is Mitch. He flashes back to his graduation when he gave Morrie a gift of a suitcase. After the graduation, Mitch loses his communication with his college friends as he went to New York to work. He is chasing his music dreams but he gets nothing. He is failing. At the same time, he lose his favorite uncle that dies out of cancer. He gave up his musical dream after that and takes the work of a sports writer. Mitch saw Morrie’s interview with Koppel of the Nightline show. He was suffering from the ALS disease so after seeing it, Mitch drove his way at Morrie’s street. Mitch and Morrie reunite after years of closeness. Morrie has nurses that take care of him and there are his friends who always come to visit him. Mitch flies to London to cover Wimbledon. His workload is overwhelming as usual. Mitch realizes that Morrie doesn't bother with any of that nonsense. He devotes all his time to the things and people he loves. The first Tuesday started. Mitch arrive with foods because he knows that Morrie loves to eat and that bringing him food is something he can only do. They talk about the world. Visiting a dying man every week seems refreshing, and Mitch looks forward to the visits. The second Tuesday they talk about feeling sorry for yourself. Morrie said that it’s okay to cry but not all the time and don’t allow yourself of more self-pity. But he said to himself that there are other emotions and he deserve to experience all of it. Mitch says that he wants to remember Morrie's voice, and he brings a tape recorder on his next visit. At first, he is unsure if Schwartz is comfortable with the idea and offers to put it away. Schwartz interrupts him. He insists that he wants to tell his story while he still has a chance. He wants Mitch to be the one to hear it. on the third day, they talk about regrets but he said that as what you are now, you have to be as good as you can be. Be the best. Ted Koppel returns to Morrie for a follow up interview. They were seeing the effect of the disease to Morrie. Schwartz tells of an old friend who is deaf. He imagines that when he can no longer speak and his friend can no longer hear, they will simply sit together and hold hands. He tells Koppel that after thirty-five years of friendship, they don't need words to feel each other's love. The family lived in poverty, but after his mother's death, family members send Schwartz and his younger brother, David, to the country. They grew well in the fresh air and greenery. Suddenly, though, David is troubled with polio. When Mitch returns the next Tuesday, a portable oxygen machine has been added to Morrie's collection of medical equipment. On the fourth Tuesday they talk about death. Morrie begins the conversation about death by saying that although everyone knows they're going to die, no one really believes it. If they did believe it, they would do things differently. The next Tuesday they talk about family. Morrie looks around him at the numerous photos of his own family and tells Mitch that family is the foundation of everything. Without family, there is almost nothing to life. The Sixth Tuesday they Talk About Emotions. Charlotte tells him that Morrie can no longer chew, and he must eat only soft foods and liquids. Mitch protests that Morrie has never mentioned this, and Charlotte says that he didn't want to hurt Albom's feelings by refusing his gifts. The Seventh Tuesday they Talk About the fear of aging. He decided to ignore culture and not be ashamed. In doing so, he began to enjoy his dependency. He can now enjoy being treated, once again, like a baby, cherished and pampered and looked after by its mother. The Eighth Tuesday they Talk About Money. He said that Average people are simply overwhelmed by it all until they no longer understand what is truly important. The Ninth Tuesday they Talk About How Love Goes On. Meanwhile, Morrie's condition is rapidly deteriorating. He can't move his own head and is no longer able to use the bathroom on his own. Yet every morning he still insists on being lifted from his bed and moved to his study, where he can sit among his books and papers. His new saying is "when you're in bed, you're dead." The Tenth Tuesday they Talk About Marriage. Mitch’s wife came to visit Morrie so the three of them talk. The Eleventh Tuesday they Talk About Our Culture. Mitch is now considerably less self-conscious about the things that society says should be embarrassing. The Twelfth Tuesday they Talk About Forgiveness. The few things Morrie regrets in his life are vengeance and stubbornness, pride and vanity. The Thirteenth Tuesday they Talk About the Perfect Day. Morrie tells Mitch that he wants to be cremated. The Fourteenth Tuesday they talk about Saying Goodbye. Mitch is surprised to find him in bed. He talked peacefully to Morrie. Morrie lapses into a coma two days later. It was Saturday. Hundreds of people want to attend Morrie's funeral. Charlotte keeps it small, though, inviting only family and a few good friends. After that, Mitch looks back at the person he used to be before. He finally reaches his brother. He tells him that he respects his desire to keep his distance. All he wants is to keep in touch. He tells his brother that he loves him and doesn't want to lose him. This is the first time He has ever said such a thing to his little brother. A few days later, his brother sends him a fax.


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