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Saturday, January 15, 2011

tuesdays with morrie book report


The novel starts with the setting description. It starts on the class of the old professor, Morrie, and his student, Mitch. The story used flashbacks in every chapter. It recalls the past in every lesson that Mitch learned. He recalls the time when he was an high school student and his coach now is his sociology teacher. There are many changes that had happened. It all happened to Mitch as he applied all the lessons in his everyday life. When he and Morrie talk about something, he will start to apply it on his own life because he know that Morrie has been on what he is now. At the end of the novel, there had been changes in the surroundings as Morrie said goodbye. Mitch had a lot of changes after learning from his coach. Now he is independent. The people that love Morrie so much also experiences changes but Morrie don’t want them to suffer from loneliness as he believe that there are many emotions there. We can be lonely sometimes but we don’t have to let it remain. We deserve to experience many kinds of emotion.

V. Characterization

Mitch Albom is Morrie's former student at Brandeis University, and the narrator of the book. He is player of the coach. Each Tuesday, he learns from Morrie, his that he needs to review his life, and to value love over money, and happiness over success. Morrie Schwartz is Mitch's favorite professor from Brandeis University, and the focus of the book, Morrie now suffers from ALS, a debilitating, incurable disease which ravages his body, but, cruelly, leaves him intellectually lucid. He had taught sociology at Brandeis, and continues to teach it to Mitch, instructing him on "The Meaning of Life," and how to accept death and aging. Mitch portrays him as a man of ultimate wisdom. Charlotte is Morrie's wife, who, at his insistence, keeps her job as a professor at M.I.T. as Morrie wants her to continue working. Ted Koppel is One of the most famous living television interviewers, Koppel conducts three interviews with Morrie for the news show "Nightline. There is also Janine, Mitch wife that is a great singer during their time. There is Peter, Mitch’s brother who lives in Spain as he was seeking for the treatment of his pancreatic cancer. Connie is Morrie's home health aide who is always there to assist Morrie in going to the bathroom, getting into his chair, and eating his meals. Rob and Jon are Morrie's two adult sons. David is Morrie's younger brother who, after their mother's death, is sent with Morrie to a small hotel in the woods of Connecticut. There, he develops polio. There is also Maurie Stein and Norman, Morrie’s friends then Tony, Morrie’s care worker.

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