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Monday, January 31, 2011

chocolate lovers

Mama and Tita Rhea went to Chocolate lover located at Cubao to buy blocks of chocolates and new molders. Mama just accompanied tita because tita would be selling her homemade chocolates just for a little business that can increase a little of her income. Mama bought three blocks of chocolate (red, white and brown), new molders, cute containers, chocolate balls, cute plastics, cashew nuts and sticks. She bought all of that because of no particular reason. She said she’ll sell it to my grandmother but I think she just said that. I think she bought it because they’re cute (hahaha). We used to made chocolates but it is very tiring and it needs a lot of patience. My brother and I ate the chocolate balls and it taste good. Try it!


  1. Yay! I love chocolates. yung business tamang tama ngayong valentines

  2. chocolate is good for brain...some ppl said..
    I hv friens who love chocolate so much... and she always hv more energy than anyone else.. :)

  3. yes, those are cute ♥
    i love chocolate so much.