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Friday, January 14, 2011

mang inasal

Joel and I always eat at Mang Inasal. I like it there because it is an unlimited rice restaurant with free soup but I don’t try it because I don’t eat that much. It is good for Joel because he is a guy and he eats a lot. I only order the meal that is not valid for the unlimited rice. Mang Inasal’s halo-halo is simple but tastes really good with ice cream on it. Their rice is wrapped on a banana leaf. Last night, I heard the history of Mang Inasal. The founder used to be so poor but he got a brilliant idea of handling the business. He was supported by a rich man and started it successfully. I think his idea of having unlimited rice with free soup and condiments made the business so successful. Being an entrepreneur needs creativity and uniqueness that can attract the consumers.


  1. Oy! Love ko yang Mang Inasal. hehehe

  2. mang inasal,
    panalo ang unlimited rice

  3. I'll try this Mang Inasal on my summer vacation.

    A blessed weekend.

  4. thanks for the comments,,i love it too.