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Monday, January 17, 2011

five people you meet in heaven summary book report

II. Title

The title refers about the characters in the story .The “five people you meet in heaven” was discussed in the book that’s why it is the title. The title refers to the five people that Eddie met after he died. The five people were connected to him. They were the blue man, the captain, Ruby, Marguerite and Tala. The caused of their death were Eddie’s fault. They we’re waiting there for him and to teach him about the lessons of life and living and mistakes. The title tells us that there are things that will be revealed after our life here on earth. The title is the story’s point of view or the main idea.

III. Theme

The story is really humanistic. When you relate it to human experience, you’ll learn a lot. Like, all the people will die and we don’t know when will be our last day. That there are times that we are not aware of some things or that wars will just make our lives much more terrible and we won’t attain peace with it. That alcohol will just cause us bad feedbacks and can affect our mental health. That our relationship with our parents can be complicated at times but we should show them what we feel before it is too late. That money is hard to handle so we better be careful in spending it. That self-sacrifice is worth it. That there are challenges in life that unexpectedly would come like what happened to Mickey Shea and Eddie’s mother and father. Also, there are human characteristics that were portrayed in the story. If you read it, the Filipino girl, Tala, talks with wrong grammar and that shows the personality of a Filipino. All of that were realistic. There are many conflicts in the story. The first conflict is parent’s unawareness. All parents have the responsibility to take care of their children. They have to watch them during their early age because accidents occur at anytime. The second conflict is that thinking that war can be a solution to attain peace is so foolish. There are many other calm and peaceful ways on how to manage to have peace. The third conflict is letting you emotions control you will results to bigger complications and problems. Fourth conflict is that betting money for nonsense things is silly. Lastly, war can make lives at risk so we better do something functional. The conflicts are both internal and external because it affects both our emotions and body.


  1. Thanks for this book review.

    I was just wondering about the title, "people you meet in heaven"... Does the story discuss the concept of Death and Dying?

  2. yep,,,it is somehow like that,,try reading it,,it is really good

  3. I have read that book, t'was very good story that can reflect to us as a human being. Great post!