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Sunday, January 16, 2011

five people you meet in heaven summary book report

VI. Summary
Today is Eddie’s birthday and his life will last in an hour. He was at the Ruby Pier without knowing that it’ll be his last day. He was maintenance at that amusement park. He was fond of many children there. At his last hour, he encountered a group of teenagers who were playing frank then a little girl who asked him to make her an animal using the pipes. After that, he rests only hearing the sound of the waves crashing until he heard the intense voice of a fat woman. The people at the Ruby pier looked above Freddy’s free fall. There, he saw two carts that was supposed to fall. He moved fast to instruct Dominguez and Willie. They saved the people above but last thing Eddie saw was the girl earlier, the one who asked him to make her an animal with the pipes. She was at the cart without her parents. Eddie moves fast to save the girl but it was too late, the carts fall with him. He felt the girl’s arms. He half flew, half stumbled her, landing on the metal platform, which ripped through her shirt and split open his skin. Then he felt nothing after the flash of light. He saw nothing at the final moment. He felt soft. He was floating. He doesn’t know what happened and he can’t feel any emotions.
When he was five years old, he was always at the Ruby Pier and he celebrated his fifth birthday there. He used to play with Mickey Shea, his father’s co-worker. The first person Eddie meets in heaven was the blue man. They were at the Ruby Pier but there was no one. Eddie was confused so he asked him many questions about what happened to him and the girl. The blue man explained to him about the five people he’ll meet in heaven and he is the first one and he died because of Eddie. Eddie didn’t know about that so he listens to the story. The blue man’s real name is Joseph Corvelzchik. He died when Eddie chases after the ball and runs in front of an automobile when he was a kid. Next thing he knew is the vehicle roll until it collides with the rear of a parked truck. Eddie felt a shiver after hearing the story. The blue man’s funeral happened during Eddie’s eight birthday without knowing that he caused the death.
Back at the Pier, the securities arrived. They pushed away the people back. The sirens sounded. The rides were closed and the word speaks across the beach.
The second person Eddie meets in heaven is his captain during his young age when he became a young soldier. They were at a terrain. Eddie goes to war when he was young. He was grouped with Willingham, Morton and Smitty. The four Crazies guarded them. Willingham was suffering from a disease so one of the crazies shoots him so he died. One day, the four manage to escape from the crazies because of Eddies juggling. He tossed the rocks to them so they were left in blood. They decided to burn the huts around their home for nearly half a year. They destroyed all of it. Eddie accidentally got burned but someone shoot him so he was rescued from going into the fire. He was brought to the hospital but he didn’t know that the captain died after that. The captain’s body was torn into pieces when he left the car that they used to escape to see the path with grenades and bombs. The second lesson is sacrificing. The captain sacrifice himself to make sure that his members are safe but he admit that he was the one who shoot Eddie. He did that to stop him going into the blaze of fire for his motto is no one is left behind.
The third person Eddie meets in heaven is Ruby. They were at the mountains now. In the snowy field, there was a restaurant and there, he saw his father and other important people.
Back then, when Eddie left the hospital, he and his father had an argument that caused them of snubbing each other for years. He never had happy and memorable moments with his father.
Ruby told him the whole story. She told him about the death of his father which happened at his 33rd birthday. His father died because of Mickey Shea. He flirted Eddie’s mother but that happened because he was drunk that time. His father didn’t kill him because he was his friend. He won’t forget that he helped him in the past. His father died in his sleep. Eddie felt the guilt. He apologized to his father but he can’t hear him. While Ruby, the first owner of the Ruby Pier disappeared.
The owner of the amusement park arranged Eddie’s funeral. Dominguez and Willie shared their experienced with him in the service.
The fourth person is Marguerite, his wife. They were at a room with many doors. They talk about the past. Marguerite died because of illness but before that she got into a car accident because she was looking for Eddie to stop him betting the money that was supposed to be use for adopting a child but that didn’t happen because Marguerite was hospitalized.
The fifth person is Tala. The place was all white. He met Tala, five years old Filipino girl with burned skin and he was also the reason why she died. She was burned to death when the young soldiers with the captain bombarded the huts and Tala was inside one of it. Eddie cried after hearing her story. He cried because of guilt. The little girl is a Filipino. She said that Eddie saved the girl at the amusement park and the hands that he felt were not hers but Tala’s. At last, he was going to heaven. Marguerite waited for him then both of them went up which will be their new home.