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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

five people you meet in heaven summary book report

IV. Organization

The novel starts with character description that is about Eddie dying. After the character description comes the setting description that is the Ruby Pier, which is an amusement park where Eddie is was working. After that, the action in the story begins with the last hour of Eddie and how he died. The story begins at the end. It also used flashbacks when Eddie was a little kid. The story has different setting. There are times when they will recall the past and then they will go to the present then past again and so on. The story changes in physical for they told about Eddie being a kid until his old age. In psychological for Eddie can’t believe that he was in heaven after the accident. And in emotional for the feelings of every character in the story. It is a mixed emotion for them because there are many situations that take place.

V. Characterization

Eddie is the main character in the story. He is a protagonist. He works at the Ruby Pier that is an amusement park. He was maintenance there. His mother and father died so he continued working there for them. In his last hour, he met a little girl that was the one who was trapped in the cart. Eddie managed to save her before he died. The first person he met was Joseph Corvelzchick. He was the blue man who died because of Eddie. He tried to pull over the car to save him when he was a little kid. The second person is the captain who has a motto of no one is left behind. He sacrificed himself to save Eddie and the other two members of the group so he died. The group was composed of him, Eddie, Smitty, Morton and Willingham, who died because of the illness that he got at the camp. they were all young soldiers who managed to escaped from the antagonists , which are the four Crazies. They are the guards of the group. They were harsh. The third person Ruby, she was the former owner of the amusement park. She is the wife of Emile who is very wealthy. He was very adventurous but he died when the fire blaze at the amusement park. Ruby told him about his father and mother and about how Mickey Shea broke the friendship between him and his father. Mickey Shea is his father’s best friend. The fourth person is Marguerite. She is Eddie’s wife. She met Eddie at the Pier. The fifth person is Tala. She was a five years old Filipino girl. She died because of Eddie. It was only an accident because Eddie didn’t know. It happened during the war when Eddie and his group bombarded the huts that surround the shaft. The other supporting characters are Dominguez and Willie, Eddie’s coworker, and Joe, Eddie’s older brother. Actually, there are no antagonists in the story except for the four Crazies. The author reveals each character by description. They are fully detailed.

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