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Monday, January 31, 2011

chocolate lovers

Mama and Tita Rhea went to Chocolate lover located at Cubao to buy blocks of chocolates and new molders. Mama just accompanied tita because tita would be selling her homemade chocolates just for a little business that can increase a little of her income. Mama bought three blocks of chocolate (red, white and brown), new molders, cute containers, chocolate balls, cute plastics, cashew nuts and sticks. She bought all of that because of no particular reason. She said she’ll sell it to my grandmother but I think she just said that. I think she bought it because they’re cute (hahaha). We used to made chocolates but it is very tiring and it needs a lot of patience. My brother and I ate the chocolate balls and it taste good. Try it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

charlotte's web summary book report

VI. Summary

The story started at the part where Mr. Arable was going to kill the newborn runt

pig that is Wilbur. Fern saved him at the very last minute. Her father gave her the runt

pig because of her ripeness. She took care of the pig like what her mother did to her.

Because of that, the runt pig turns to a healthy and fleshy pig to the point that it needs to

be on a barn. Fern’s Uncle Homer bought the pig to her for only six dollars.

The barn was large. Fern was always there to watch Wilbur. There is a time

when Wilbur escaped because Fern didn’t visit; but he was happy that time because he

felt the pleasant wind even though it turned out bad. The other animals are not close to

him. They are always snubbing him that’s why sometimes he’s very lonely. One night, he

heard a voice and that was Charlotte who is very friendly to him compared to the others.

They became good friends. The other animals started to get along with them. The farm

is getting larger because some of the animals are laying eggs like when the goose laid 7


Wilbur was very interested to Charlotte. He was amazed that she can do lots of

things. For him, she was talented even though he was not happy when he heard that

she was eating bugs, grasshoppers and other insects. One day, he tried doing the

weaving because he wants to show the other animals that he can do anything. But he

realize that he can’t do what she can do.

Wilbur discovered that he will be killed and that really bugged him. All he can do

is cry about that; but Charlotte said that she’d save him so he doesn’t have to worry

about it. Fern hears all the talking of the animals and she’s always talking about it at

home. Charlotte’s promise to Wilbur is not forgotten so she started the move. She wove

“some pig” on her web. The people started to notice it to the point that there are always

people there watching Wilbur. After a few days, Charlotte change the word to “terrific” so

Wilbur has to look terrific for all the people watching him. Fern always know the plan

because she can hear them but her mother is worried about her so she asked Dr.

Dorian. According to him, she is normal and nothing to worry about.

Going back to Wilbur, the Zuckerman decided to join a fair for Wilbur. All of them

are present to the fair except for the other animals. Charlotte and Templeton hide to be

with Wilbur. There, they met Uncle, the pig who won the first prize. It’s fine because

Wilbur received a special award because Charlotte wove “humble” on his place. After

the awarding, Wilbur noticed Charlotte with the egg sac looking so weak. She decided to

stay there, Wilbur is sad about her decision so he decided to took care of the egg sac.

Charlotte died after the fair. The barn looks odd for him because Charlotte isn’t there.

The egg sac hatch and Wilbur was very happy: but they all leave except for the three

who stayed with him at least. He was very thankful for Charlotte that he will not be killed


five people you meet in heaven summary book report

IV. Organization

The novel starts with character description that is about Eddie dying. After the character description comes the setting description that is the Ruby Pier, which is an amusement park where Eddie is was working. After that, the action in the story begins with the last hour of Eddie and how he died. The story begins at the end. It also used flashbacks when Eddie was a little kid. The story has different setting. There are times when they will recall the past and then they will go to the present then past again and so on. The story changes in physical for they told about Eddie being a kid until his old age. In psychological for Eddie can’t believe that he was in heaven after the accident. And in emotional for the feelings of every character in the story. It is a mixed emotion for them because there are many situations that take place.

V. Characterization

Eddie is the main character in the story. He is a protagonist. He works at the Ruby Pier that is an amusement park. He was maintenance there. His mother and father died so he continued working there for them. In his last hour, he met a little girl that was the one who was trapped in the cart. Eddie managed to save her before he died. The first person he met was Joseph Corvelzchick. He was the blue man who died because of Eddie. He tried to pull over the car to save him when he was a little kid. The second person is the captain who has a motto of no one is left behind. He sacrificed himself to save Eddie and the other two members of the group so he died. The group was composed of him, Eddie, Smitty, Morton and Willingham, who died because of the illness that he got at the camp. they were all young soldiers who managed to escaped from the antagonists , which are the four Crazies. They are the guards of the group. They were harsh. The third person Ruby, she was the former owner of the amusement park. She is the wife of Emile who is very wealthy. He was very adventurous but he died when the fire blaze at the amusement park. Ruby told him about his father and mother and about how Mickey Shea broke the friendship between him and his father. Mickey Shea is his father’s best friend. The fourth person is Marguerite. She is Eddie’s wife. She met Eddie at the Pier. The fifth person is Tala. She was a five years old Filipino girl. She died because of Eddie. It was only an accident because Eddie didn’t know. It happened during the war when Eddie and his group bombarded the huts that surround the shaft. The other supporting characters are Dominguez and Willie, Eddie’s coworker, and Joe, Eddie’s older brother. Actually, there are no antagonists in the story except for the four Crazies. The author reveals each character by description. They are fully detailed.

Monday, January 17, 2011

five people you meet in heaven summary book report

II. Title

The title refers about the characters in the story .The “five people you meet in heaven” was discussed in the book that’s why it is the title. The title refers to the five people that Eddie met after he died. The five people were connected to him. They were the blue man, the captain, Ruby, Marguerite and Tala. The caused of their death were Eddie’s fault. They we’re waiting there for him and to teach him about the lessons of life and living and mistakes. The title tells us that there are things that will be revealed after our life here on earth. The title is the story’s point of view or the main idea.

III. Theme

The story is really humanistic. When you relate it to human experience, you’ll learn a lot. Like, all the people will die and we don’t know when will be our last day. That there are times that we are not aware of some things or that wars will just make our lives much more terrible and we won’t attain peace with it. That alcohol will just cause us bad feedbacks and can affect our mental health. That our relationship with our parents can be complicated at times but we should show them what we feel before it is too late. That money is hard to handle so we better be careful in spending it. That self-sacrifice is worth it. That there are challenges in life that unexpectedly would come like what happened to Mickey Shea and Eddie’s mother and father. Also, there are human characteristics that were portrayed in the story. If you read it, the Filipino girl, Tala, talks with wrong grammar and that shows the personality of a Filipino. All of that were realistic. There are many conflicts in the story. The first conflict is parent’s unawareness. All parents have the responsibility to take care of their children. They have to watch them during their early age because accidents occur at anytime. The second conflict is that thinking that war can be a solution to attain peace is so foolish. There are many other calm and peaceful ways on how to manage to have peace. The third conflict is letting you emotions control you will results to bigger complications and problems. Fourth conflict is that betting money for nonsense things is silly. Lastly, war can make lives at risk so we better do something functional. The conflicts are both internal and external because it affects both our emotions and body.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

five people you meet in heaven summary book report

VI. Summary
Today is Eddie’s birthday and his life will last in an hour. He was at the Ruby Pier without knowing that it’ll be his last day. He was maintenance at that amusement park. He was fond of many children there. At his last hour, he encountered a group of teenagers who were playing frank then a little girl who asked him to make her an animal using the pipes. After that, he rests only hearing the sound of the waves crashing until he heard the intense voice of a fat woman. The people at the Ruby pier looked above Freddy’s free fall. There, he saw two carts that was supposed to fall. He moved fast to instruct Dominguez and Willie. They saved the people above but last thing Eddie saw was the girl earlier, the one who asked him to make her an animal with the pipes. She was at the cart without her parents. Eddie moves fast to save the girl but it was too late, the carts fall with him. He felt the girl’s arms. He half flew, half stumbled her, landing on the metal platform, which ripped through her shirt and split open his skin. Then he felt nothing after the flash of light. He saw nothing at the final moment. He felt soft. He was floating. He doesn’t know what happened and he can’t feel any emotions.
When he was five years old, he was always at the Ruby Pier and he celebrated his fifth birthday there. He used to play with Mickey Shea, his father’s co-worker. The first person Eddie meets in heaven was the blue man. They were at the Ruby Pier but there was no one. Eddie was confused so he asked him many questions about what happened to him and the girl. The blue man explained to him about the five people he’ll meet in heaven and he is the first one and he died because of Eddie. Eddie didn’t know about that so he listens to the story. The blue man’s real name is Joseph Corvelzchik. He died when Eddie chases after the ball and runs in front of an automobile when he was a kid. Next thing he knew is the vehicle roll until it collides with the rear of a parked truck. Eddie felt a shiver after hearing the story. The blue man’s funeral happened during Eddie’s eight birthday without knowing that he caused the death.
Back at the Pier, the securities arrived. They pushed away the people back. The sirens sounded. The rides were closed and the word speaks across the beach.
The second person Eddie meets in heaven is his captain during his young age when he became a young soldier. They were at a terrain. Eddie goes to war when he was young. He was grouped with Willingham, Morton and Smitty. The four Crazies guarded them. Willingham was suffering from a disease so one of the crazies shoots him so he died. One day, the four manage to escape from the crazies because of Eddies juggling. He tossed the rocks to them so they were left in blood. They decided to burn the huts around their home for nearly half a year. They destroyed all of it. Eddie accidentally got burned but someone shoot him so he was rescued from going into the fire. He was brought to the hospital but he didn’t know that the captain died after that. The captain’s body was torn into pieces when he left the car that they used to escape to see the path with grenades and bombs. The second lesson is sacrificing. The captain sacrifice himself to make sure that his members are safe but he admit that he was the one who shoot Eddie. He did that to stop him going into the blaze of fire for his motto is no one is left behind.
The third person Eddie meets in heaven is Ruby. They were at the mountains now. In the snowy field, there was a restaurant and there, he saw his father and other important people.
Back then, when Eddie left the hospital, he and his father had an argument that caused them of snubbing each other for years. He never had happy and memorable moments with his father.
Ruby told him the whole story. She told him about the death of his father which happened at his 33rd birthday. His father died because of Mickey Shea. He flirted Eddie’s mother but that happened because he was drunk that time. His father didn’t kill him because he was his friend. He won’t forget that he helped him in the past. His father died in his sleep. Eddie felt the guilt. He apologized to his father but he can’t hear him. While Ruby, the first owner of the Ruby Pier disappeared.
The owner of the amusement park arranged Eddie’s funeral. Dominguez and Willie shared their experienced with him in the service.
The fourth person is Marguerite, his wife. They were at a room with many doors. They talk about the past. Marguerite died because of illness but before that she got into a car accident because she was looking for Eddie to stop him betting the money that was supposed to be use for adopting a child but that didn’t happen because Marguerite was hospitalized.
The fifth person is Tala. The place was all white. He met Tala, five years old Filipino girl with burned skin and he was also the reason why she died. She was burned to death when the young soldiers with the captain bombarded the huts and Tala was inside one of it. Eddie cried after hearing her story. He cried because of guilt. The little girl is a Filipino. She said that Eddie saved the girl at the amusement park and the hands that he felt were not hers but Tala’s. At last, he was going to heaven. Marguerite waited for him then both of them went up which will be their new home.

tuesdays with morrie book report

VII. Message/Moral

I love this book so much because almost all my questions about life are answered here. I love the line of Morrie when he says that “You’ll talk and I’ll listen”. That line really touches my heart because it is like being a friend to someone and lending your ears to listen on what they say and allowing them to give advice to your life. Also, it is true that death ends a life but not a relationship. The relationship with the people that will be left out still remains. Only the body and the presence will end. There will always be the memories and the feeling. I also believe that if we learn how to handle death then we know how to live. We all know that someday, our life will end but most of the people are afraid to let go and that’s because they didn’t make the most of their life.

In our life, there is something that makes it go on and that is love. We are here to love and be loved. We have to know how to give because in that way, we will know how to be satisfied and not want for more. Love is a great feeling so we have to do it now because someday we will die and we don’t want to regret things that we didn’t do during the years of being alive.

Everything has been figured out except how to live. People don’t know how to handle life. We sin every time we handle things and God doesn’t want that. We unexpectedly commit sin as we try to make things work out fine but not all things can be control. There are things that we have to just respect because it is hat its is. God has plans for us. We don’t have to think evil and hell is other people so why care about it.

We are here to love and an open heart will allow us to float equally between everyone. We have to trust other people and let them trust you so you can go on with your life even if it is dark or even if you’re falling.

I also learned that we have to accept what we are able to do and what we are not able to do. We have to accept the past as past without denying it or discarding it. We have to learn to forgive others and don’t assume that it’s too late to get involved.



Mitch Albom

A book report



In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course

ENGLISH IV – 4th Quarter

A.Y. 2007-2008

Submitted to:


Saturday, January 15, 2011

tuesdays with morrie summary book report


The last class of Morrie took place once a week in his home. It is every Tuesday and it required no books and no grades. There is only one student and that is Mitch. He flashes back to his graduation when he gave Morrie a gift of a suitcase. After the graduation, Mitch loses his communication with his college friends as he went to New York to work. He is chasing his music dreams but he gets nothing. He is failing. At the same time, he lose his favorite uncle that dies out of cancer. He gave up his musical dream after that and takes the work of a sports writer. Mitch saw Morrie’s interview with Koppel of the Nightline show. He was suffering from the ALS disease so after seeing it, Mitch drove his way at Morrie’s street. Mitch and Morrie reunite after years of closeness. Morrie has nurses that take care of him and there are his friends who always come to visit him. Mitch flies to London to cover Wimbledon. His workload is overwhelming as usual. Mitch realizes that Morrie doesn't bother with any of that nonsense. He devotes all his time to the things and people he loves. The first Tuesday started. Mitch arrive with foods because he knows that Morrie loves to eat and that bringing him food is something he can only do. They talk about the world. Visiting a dying man every week seems refreshing, and Mitch looks forward to the visits. The second Tuesday they talk about feeling sorry for yourself. Morrie said that it’s okay to cry but not all the time and don’t allow yourself of more self-pity. But he said to himself that there are other emotions and he deserve to experience all of it. Mitch says that he wants to remember Morrie's voice, and he brings a tape recorder on his next visit. At first, he is unsure if Schwartz is comfortable with the idea and offers to put it away. Schwartz interrupts him. He insists that he wants to tell his story while he still has a chance. He wants Mitch to be the one to hear it. on the third day, they talk about regrets but he said that as what you are now, you have to be as good as you can be. Be the best. Ted Koppel returns to Morrie for a follow up interview. They were seeing the effect of the disease to Morrie. Schwartz tells of an old friend who is deaf. He imagines that when he can no longer speak and his friend can no longer hear, they will simply sit together and hold hands. He tells Koppel that after thirty-five years of friendship, they don't need words to feel each other's love. The family lived in poverty, but after his mother's death, family members send Schwartz and his younger brother, David, to the country. They grew well in the fresh air and greenery. Suddenly, though, David is troubled with polio. When Mitch returns the next Tuesday, a portable oxygen machine has been added to Morrie's collection of medical equipment. On the fourth Tuesday they talk about death. Morrie begins the conversation about death by saying that although everyone knows they're going to die, no one really believes it. If they did believe it, they would do things differently. The next Tuesday they talk about family. Morrie looks around him at the numerous photos of his own family and tells Mitch that family is the foundation of everything. Without family, there is almost nothing to life. The Sixth Tuesday they Talk About Emotions. Charlotte tells him that Morrie can no longer chew, and he must eat only soft foods and liquids. Mitch protests that Morrie has never mentioned this, and Charlotte says that he didn't want to hurt Albom's feelings by refusing his gifts. The Seventh Tuesday they Talk About the fear of aging. He decided to ignore culture and not be ashamed. In doing so, he began to enjoy his dependency. He can now enjoy being treated, once again, like a baby, cherished and pampered and looked after by its mother. The Eighth Tuesday they Talk About Money. He said that Average people are simply overwhelmed by it all until they no longer understand what is truly important. The Ninth Tuesday they Talk About How Love Goes On. Meanwhile, Morrie's condition is rapidly deteriorating. He can't move his own head and is no longer able to use the bathroom on his own. Yet every morning he still insists on being lifted from his bed and moved to his study, where he can sit among his books and papers. His new saying is "when you're in bed, you're dead." The Tenth Tuesday they Talk About Marriage. Mitch’s wife came to visit Morrie so the three of them talk. The Eleventh Tuesday they Talk About Our Culture. Mitch is now considerably less self-conscious about the things that society says should be embarrassing. The Twelfth Tuesday they Talk About Forgiveness. The few things Morrie regrets in his life are vengeance and stubbornness, pride and vanity. The Thirteenth Tuesday they Talk About the Perfect Day. Morrie tells Mitch that he wants to be cremated. The Fourteenth Tuesday they talk about Saying Goodbye. Mitch is surprised to find him in bed. He talked peacefully to Morrie. Morrie lapses into a coma two days later. It was Saturday. Hundreds of people want to attend Morrie's funeral. Charlotte keeps it small, though, inviting only family and a few good friends. After that, Mitch looks back at the person he used to be before. He finally reaches his brother. He tells him that he respects his desire to keep his distance. All he wants is to keep in touch. He tells his brother that he loves him and doesn't want to lose him. This is the first time He has ever said such a thing to his little brother. A few days later, his brother sends him a fax.

tuesdays with morrie book report


The novel starts with the setting description. It starts on the class of the old professor, Morrie, and his student, Mitch. The story used flashbacks in every chapter. It recalls the past in every lesson that Mitch learned. He recalls the time when he was an high school student and his coach now is his sociology teacher. There are many changes that had happened. It all happened to Mitch as he applied all the lessons in his everyday life. When he and Morrie talk about something, he will start to apply it on his own life because he know that Morrie has been on what he is now. At the end of the novel, there had been changes in the surroundings as Morrie said goodbye. Mitch had a lot of changes after learning from his coach. Now he is independent. The people that love Morrie so much also experiences changes but Morrie don’t want them to suffer from loneliness as he believe that there are many emotions there. We can be lonely sometimes but we don’t have to let it remain. We deserve to experience many kinds of emotion.

V. Characterization

Mitch Albom is Morrie's former student at Brandeis University, and the narrator of the book. He is player of the coach. Each Tuesday, he learns from Morrie, his that he needs to review his life, and to value love over money, and happiness over success. Morrie Schwartz is Mitch's favorite professor from Brandeis University, and the focus of the book, Morrie now suffers from ALS, a debilitating, incurable disease which ravages his body, but, cruelly, leaves him intellectually lucid. He had taught sociology at Brandeis, and continues to teach it to Mitch, instructing him on "The Meaning of Life," and how to accept death and aging. Mitch portrays him as a man of ultimate wisdom. Charlotte is Morrie's wife, who, at his insistence, keeps her job as a professor at M.I.T. as Morrie wants her to continue working. Ted Koppel is One of the most famous living television interviewers, Koppel conducts three interviews with Morrie for the news show "Nightline. There is also Janine, Mitch wife that is a great singer during their time. There is Peter, Mitch’s brother who lives in Spain as he was seeking for the treatment of his pancreatic cancer. Connie is Morrie's home health aide who is always there to assist Morrie in going to the bathroom, getting into his chair, and eating his meals. Rob and Jon are Morrie's two adult sons. David is Morrie's younger brother who, after their mother's death, is sent with Morrie to a small hotel in the woods of Connecticut. There, he develops polio. There is also Maurie Stein and Norman, Morrie’s friends then Tony, Morrie’s care worker.

tuesdays with morrie book report


The title refers to the principal character and the setting or the period of the story. The title of the story is made by Mitch Albom and that was approved by Morrie. This book is their last thesis together. Tuesdays is the days when Mitch would take the plane to visit his coach or old professor, Morrie. Tuesday is the day when Morrie and Mitch talk peacefully about topics of life and how to face death. Morrie loves giving Mitch lessons. He was the coach and Mitch is the player. The teaching goes on every week. It is the last class of the old professor and Mitch is the student. It is all about the Meaning of life.

III. Theme

The novel is based on the human experiences and the problems in life that we always encounter. It is all about life and how to approach the trials every now and then. This book is full of advices on many kinds of life topics but the main idea of this book is how to manage death and how to deal with it. This book is saying the immoral approach of the people towards the trials of God and the situations that are unexpected. The basic conflict or the struggle around the story is the wrong approach of the people towards death and their approaches on topics like fear, aging, greed, marriage, family, society, forgiveness and a meaningful life. Like people don’t know that the most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in. Or like people don’t know how to trust other people but they want them to trust him/her. Or like not knowing that we should forgive our self first then forgive others. Or like wanting more than what we have that results to envy. Or giving so much importance to money that is not really needed after our death. Or the wicked marriage of the young ones that results to non harmonious situations. Or not knowing that death ends a life but not a relationship. The conflict of Morrie and Mitch is both internal and external and so as the conflicts of the people as they handle life.

Friday, January 14, 2011

mang inasal

Joel and I always eat at Mang Inasal. I like it there because it is an unlimited rice restaurant with free soup but I don’t try it because I don’t eat that much. It is good for Joel because he is a guy and he eats a lot. I only order the meal that is not valid for the unlimited rice. Mang Inasal’s halo-halo is simple but tastes really good with ice cream on it. Their rice is wrapped on a banana leaf. Last night, I heard the history of Mang Inasal. The founder used to be so poor but he got a brilliant idea of handling the business. He was supported by a rich man and started it successfully. I think his idea of having unlimited rice with free soup and condiments made the business so successful. Being an entrepreneur needs creativity and uniqueness that can attract the consumers.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

national service training program

This is my National Student Training Program (NSTP) t-shirt when I was first year college. There are two kinds of NSTP which are the civil welfare training service and the literacy training service. I took the literacy where we go to different barangays to teach children. It takes a lot of patience in it because there are many factors that affect the way of teaching them. We taught them how to write, draw, read and listen. We made games to make it easy for them to learn. We also gave donations to the chosen barangays and I feel so happy about doing it. NSTP classes in the University of the East are made on the Saturdays only. Sometimes we have to attend a Sunday class just to complete the required hours.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

kenny rogers

It’s Joel’s (my boy friend as of now…hihihi) birthday and we celebrate it at Kenny Rogers, which is one of my favorite restaurants. We like to eat there because the gravy tastes really good and we always get so full but we cannot really eat there all the time because were just college students without any work to supply us cash and use it every once in a while. We bought choco mousse as his birthday cake. Our main dish is the platter with quarter roasted chicken, a cup of rice, and a muffin. I always choose corn and carrots as my side dish. He chose the cold fruits as his side dish. We had large iced tea as our drinks. I deleted our photos because I don’t like how it is taken.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

pizza hut



Whenever Maron (my little brother), Hazel (my cousin), Tita Rhea and I went out to SM Mega mall, one thing is for sure, we’ll eat at Pizza Hut Restaurant. The three of them loves to eat there except me. I hate cheese and I will never ever like it. I hate foods that contain cheese and at Pizza Hut there I no such thing as no cheese food except the Barbeque ribs with rice. Hazel always orders Lasagna because according to her, Pizza Hut’s lasagna tastes like mechado, which is her all time favorite viand. We drink bottomless red iced tea, soft drinks or lemon iced tea. The next time we go there, I think I’ll just order carbonara.the other pictures of the foods we order were accidentally deleted because of my stupidity.