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Friday, August 6, 2010


Gosh! I was so nervous this morning because I am piled up with prelim examinations this Monday morning until the afternoon. Well, I am aiming for high grades so that my mind will be focused on my studies. I think it is effective to aim something so that you will be working really hard to achieve it. You will be focused and centralize on doing you’re part to aim that something.

I first took the English exam and it’s pretty easy because my expected questions are met though there are three questions that are so tricky and I really can’t answer it. Then after that I took the prelim examination in Microeconomics. It was easy also but she sad that there will be a second part next meeting which is over 50. I am expecting that it will be hard because my expected questions are asked already so I’m wondering what will be the questions on that over 50 examination. Anyways, I feel so sleepy. I will just continue the story of my life as a college student on the second article.

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