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Saturday, February 18, 2012


THANK YOU Lord God for giving me another year! Thank you that I am very happy today!Thank you for the feeling of completeness and joyfulness today. I am so thankful for the blessings you have been giving me since birth. I am so happy today that I cannot express it even thru words! I love you Lord! I love you so much! Also, thank you for guidance that you always give to my family. It is the greatest gift you always have been giving me! Thank you for always making me so happy and fulfilled! I love you so much Lord God!

I also want to thank those people who greeted me in Facebook. It means a lot to me. The greetings made my day! Thank you friends! I love you!

Thank you also to my Family for the security that they are giving me. I love them so much!

gosshhh...I have so many hings to say but I'm very tired and sleepy! I'll just continue this tomorrow! THANK YOU!

So, here I am again, today is also a very good day because it is Joel and I's 4th year anniversary. Thank you Lord for giving us the chance to be together this day. Thank you for the food and the money he used to celebrate today's event. Thank you for the feeling of contentment that I am feeling since Friday. THANK YOU SO MUCH Lord God. I love You!

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