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Friday, February 24, 2012

Philippine currencies

Recent last year, I’m into collecting monies, Philippine currency particularly and I have collected not that much. It is hard to collect money as I have to survive my daily expenses. I got interested when the new design of Philippine currency circulated. I like it very much compared to the old one but there is something I just noticed. The paper material used in the newly designed currency is not that good. It turns old easily unlike the old one; the paper used in the old currency is hard to get old even if you spill liquid on it. But still I like the new one specially the color.
The old one hundred peso bill with Ateneo something on the side.
The old two hundred peso bill with UST's 400 years.
Old one hundred peso bill with UP.

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  1. they look and feel like paper money.. :(

    a visit from kim!