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Monday, February 20, 2012

New Year's Eve

It is too late about this post but better late than never. =D My mother cooked these foods as our "handa" for the night. We all wear red shirts. Honestly, it was not that fun compared to our previous new year's eve but it's okay, thank God for our foods and for another year He has given to us. I think my family is getting closer each year and I am very happy. So here's our feast last new year's eve. My mother's cooking is the best! We did not use any kind of fireworks. We just watch our neighbors' fire crackers! Thank God no one got hurt.

Buko Salad


Goldilocks's Strawberry Cream Fudge

Tikoy, Fruit Salad, Biko( our neighbor gave it )
Menudo? I don't know. =D

Crispy Pata


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