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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My reaction paper in the movie “Drumline”

The movie Drumline is very entertaining to me since I am a teenager. I can say that this movie motivates the youth to go forward on their dreams without considering anyone or anything a hindrance in fulfilling it. Being a movie, of course there are unrealistic aspects woven into the story so we can learn from it and that’s a great advantage of the movie. It is pleasing to know that the director used drums and music to portray human life because as I watch the movie, I know it to myself that most parts happen in the real life. The movie just wanted to remind us of our approaches in the trials of our life and just wanted to show us the disadvantages of being “yourself”.

Like Devon Miles, we have to do what he did, we have to think positive and let no one interfere you as you reach whatever your dream is. The first part of the movie shows the self-centeredness of Devon. He didn’t care about his band mate with the reason that he is not his band mate’s mother and that is a bad behavior if you want to be a successful person. We should care about others. We can’t be successful if we don’t involve others because in everything we do, all the people around us are affected.

Devon, being so disobedient to his coach is not also a good practice. We have the right to speak and fight what you want but sometimes we have to obey and listen. We are not always right but somehow we have to just listen and listen to learn. Our coach or preacher have something to do with our life, they help us in our future so we have to appreciate them.

I will also react to the part when the competitor fought with the A&T band because they can’t stand Devon’s skills with the drum. In competitions, there are each group’s strength and weaknesses. There are weak and there are strong. We don’t have to be angry at something you don’t have. In performing, we should just enjoy and do our best. Don’t think about the award and fame because it is not forever but think about the enjoyment and memories that you experienced is the great feeling that you can have and treasure.

People are not perfect, like what the movie have showed, Devon can’t read notes but he can learn by just observing the actual hands and by just counting the beat. In that case, we should let ourselves learn some things that we didn’t even try before. Just study and open your mind so you can learn.

Being friends with your enemy is putting away all the thorns in your heart. Devon befriends with his coach at the middle part that’s why he was able to learn how to understand what he doesn’t’ understand before. The two of them joined forces in teaching the band and they come up with a good strategy.

Patience is also a part to achieve goals. Like Devon, he did not give up. He tried and tried without any pessimistic thoughts. He started a new life. He changed his attitude that’s why he was back in the team again. Because of his creativity, he managed to teach the band a very unique and interesting performance that they have won the competition.

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