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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the giver summary

This is my composition when I was in high school. It was very funny because the grammars are bad and my English language is not that good. I just want to post it here for memoirs.


Jonas is scared to know his Assignment on the ceremony of the Twelve and he

opened that to his family because they are required to do that everyday. He was also

worry about the assignment of Asher, his best friend. To ease Jonas, his mother and

father told him about there past and fortunately Jonas had look on the bright side. Days

go by and Jonas can’t forget about the assignment that will be given to him. He wanted

to ask other people, but it was prohibited.

One day, his father brought Gabriel the baby with him that has growth problem.

He said that he would stay there because he’ll try to cure him. Jonas was not that fond of

him that time. He was just staring at the baby and nothing more.

The time had come. The ceremony is celebrated at the auditorium. Everyone

was happy to receive things and new babies. The ceremony of the Twelve has started.

Jonas tried to be calm when the Chief skipped on his number. Definitely he was happy

for Fiona and Asher for their Assignment. After the last number, the Chief apologize

about it and all of them accept it. Jonas was called to the stage last and was given the

assignment for being the Receiver Of Memory. It was a great job but Jonas is not that

comfortable about it.

He was required to have training. The Giver trained him and he likes it. He get to

try new things and he had discover things that are very common tom us but not for them.

The Giver holds the memory of the past and he transmits it to Jonas. Day by day he gets

to see the past and he learn new things, which he didn’t know that has existed. All of the

memory that has given to him is great but he can’t talk about it to his family because

they can’t understand. It is a good thing that Jonas knows the different colors, sunshine,

climate, sled, snow, etc., but the bad thing is that he’ll experience pain sometimes.

Gabriel is moved to Jonas’s room because it seems that he can sleep there.

Jonas always talks to him about what the giver has transmitted to him and he didn’t

notice that easily that he could transmit all of that to Gabriel as well. He didn’t tell it to the


The time for the pain comes. The giver transmitted him a scene that can hurt his

heart because of sympathy. Jonas tried to handle that. The giver also told him the story

of Rosemary who failed to handle that situation. Jonas thought that it is not right to

always be directed by the chief or the committee. For him, everyone has to make

decision by him or herself so the giver helped Jonas to do what he wants for the people.

He’ll leave the place while the giver stays there to help the people control the memories

that’ll come back. Jonas brought Gabriel to find the elsewhere and they succeed after a

long hard challenge. They were happy to be there because its an incredible place.

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