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Friday, September 9, 2011

gathering blue summary

VI. Summary

Kira’s mother died because of illness. Kira was left alone with nothing because he house is burned down as their ritual or tradition. According to her mother, her father died because the beast caught him during the hunt. All she had is Matt even though he’s very small to help her survive. She thought that she’ll just use the place of her house to build a cott but Vandara was very interested to the place because she’s planning to build a fen for the women’s tykes. They were planning to get rid off Kira to the fact that her leg is twisted and that she’ll just cost the village too much trouble. Kira stand up for herself and she didn’t let the women get rid off her so the case was brought to the Council of the Guardians.

Vandara defended herself while Kira can’t even speak. Vandara said things that hurt Kira and the good thing is that Kira didn’t mind all of it. She was not allowed to speak that time but she was able to choose one of the Guardians that can defend her. She chose Jamison. At the end of the case, Vandara get what she wanted while Kira will be staying to work. She will not be thrown but she’ll have her place.

Jamison helps her out. He showed her the new room while Matt brought the things that he has saved before the house was burned. She was happy that they were there. She also meets Thomas that is the same age as her. They became friends because their room is very near at each other.

Kira’s work is the dress of the Singer that needs to be prepared every year. Jamison told her that she needs to know how to make colors like her mother for the weaving of the dress. She was required to go to Annabella to learn so from then on, she goes there with matt and Branch. Sometimes, she would go there alone. Also, she’s thinking on ho to make the color blue. Her mother used to think on how to make one and now she’s interested.

Days passed, they met Jo. Kira found her at the locked room. Jo is a girl tyke singer and Thomas always heard her every night. They became friends while Kira continued working on the dress. Kira noticed that Matt is not showing up in the past few days so Thomas and her went out to look for him. They went to his house but Matt wasn’t there. Matt’s brother told them that he was searching a gift for his friends and he don’t know where. Kira felt lonely because she can’t do anything but wait for him until the Gathering day came. Kira had finished the dress and she’s also proud for Thomas and Jo for accomplishing their work. Surprisingly, Matt came and Kira was very happy to see him. He brought her presents. The first one is the plant for making blue and the second is her father, Christopher. She was very happy and she was glad that she met Matt. She had the time to talk to her father and she found out that Jamison stab him and that what he said about the beast is not true. Christopher is thankful for Matt that he will be the bond that’ll connect him to Kira because she chose to stay. Before going to the place where anyone will care for you, Christopher gave her daughter a gift of threads. Now, the blue gathered on her hands.

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