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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Magician’s Nephew


In the beginning of this story, Polly and Digory met at their houses. They really don’t know each other and Polly was very shocked because she didn’t know that there was a boy named Digory living in the house of Mr.and Mrs. Ketterly. Digory and Polly talked very long and that’s why they started to know each other and their inner personality and begin to be comfortable with each other. One day, they plan to go to Polly’s house to see the cave and Digory was very happy when he saw the cave because he really like adventure. Days past when they go to the attic of Digory’s house, they saw uncle Andrew with the two pairs of rings with color yellow and green. They talked to uncle Andrew about the rings and they really want to touched it and when Digory saw Polly’s hand went out to touched the rings, he warn her but it was too late. Polly vanished easily,uncle Andrew was not shocked but Digory was very mad and he began to many questions to uncle Andrew because Digory want Polly back so he was trying and thinking how to save Polly. Digory decided to touched the rings because he thought that it might be the way to see Polly and so Digory vanished

The ring bring him to the other world, to the world that is very quiet and peaceful but full of mystery. He turned around and watch the place very hard but they don’t see anything but trees and when he looked down, he saw a girl sleeping and he waited her to wake up and when she wake up, they stared at each other and they are so puzzled because they know that they’ve known each other but when they saw a guinea pig with a ring, they remembered that they are Polly and Digory. They walked in the woods and they found many pools and thought that it might be the way to other worlds. They found out that the green rings will take them to the other worlds so they used the green rings and jumped in to the pool. They got themselves to a place where no people but many house that is made by rocks. They enter one of the house and they saw a pillar with a dragon shape and when they continue walking, they saw a door. They go through the door and saw many stone peoples sitting. They was very shocked when they saw the stone woman rising from her chair and when she saw the children, she began to ask many question until they hear a cracking sound so jadis hold the hands of the children and bring them to the place where it is very safe. Jadis told the children to her in their world because she want to rule it but the two children was very mad at her and they quickly touched the rings as they can to stay out from that queen but they didn’t know that the queen was with them. When they are home, unclean drew was very glad to see the queen and he agree with the queen to make him as a slave. The queen asks for a horse and a cabby and uncle Andrew just obey her. Uncle Andrew ask money to aunt Letty but she didn’t gave him. When Jadis got what she wishes for, she try it and the people saw her and follow her while Digory was planning how to bring her back to her own world and when the right timing has come.


  1. I've read that one. The Chronicles of Narnia first book. :D