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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

holes summary

VI. Summary

Stanley was brought to Camp Green Lake. He was accused of stealing the shoes that has fallen from the sky and had suddenly hit him. He believes that his bad luck is from a curse of the family that was given by Madame Zeroni to Elya Yelnats. He met Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski. He belongs to the Group D with Armpit, X-ray, Magnet, Squid, Zigzag and Zero. His first experience in digging holes is not that okay until he was used to it. There’s a time when he found a fossil on his hole so he showed it to Mr. Pendanski as he was required to do but it didn’t seem so interesting. He experienced many things like he was given the nickname “caveman” and when he found a friend that is Zero. He also found a lipstick tube that belongs to Kate Barlow but he didn’t get the special treatment because the other boy from the group stole it.

Elya Yelnats was in love with a girl and Madame Zeroni helped him by giving him a pig to raise for the girl’s father. He carries the pig to the mountain until it got bigger and wider. He also promised to Madame Zeroni that he would carry her to the mountain in return or else his family would be cursed. Sad to say but he forgot to carry her because of the disappointment to the empty headed girl. Since that day, their family was cursed.

Stanley taught Zero how to read in exchange of digging. The other boys didn’t like the idea causing them to fight. The warden stops them. That’s also the time when Mr. Pendanski became very cruel to Stanley. Maybe because of the scratch made by the warden on his face. Because of ill treatment, Zero run away into the dessert because he hit the counselor with the use of the shovel. They didn’t try to catch him but they destroyed his record. Stanley looked for him by driving the truck into the hole to run away.

Another part is the love story of Katherine Barlow and Sam, a black and also called the onion man. Katherine kissed him and Trout Walker saw them. He led the burning of the schoolhouse and also killed Sam. That day, Katherine became a criminal, Kissin’ Kate Barlow. It will never rain again because of what happened. Years had pass, Trout and his wife abuse Kate to tell them where’s the treasure but she chose to be bitten by the yellow spotted lizard.

Stanley found Zero. He was alive because of the peaches that he had found on the boat. He was ill and weak but good thing is that Stanley was there to help him. They found onions and water that rub\ns uphill. Stanley carry Zero up to the mountain, God’s thumb. After that, they head toward the camp again. They dig and found a suitcase but yellow lizards started to surround them so they can’t move. Mr. Sir, Mr. Pendanski and the Warden saw them. They were still until the sun rises. Stanley’s lawyers suddenly arrived and they got the suitcase. He was release together with Zero. The other boys stayed there.

The curse was broken because Stanley was able to carry Zero, ancestor of Madame Zeroni who had given the curse.

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