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Friday, September 16, 2011

mean girls

This is my composition when I was in high school. It was very funny because the grammars are bad and my English language is not that good. I just want to post it here for memoirs.


Cady, raised in the African bush country by her zoologist parents. The Law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when Cady enters public school for the first time. She encountered many group of friends but she find her place with Janice and Daniel, which are true friends. Days passed, she met “the plastics” that is consisting of Karen, Gretchen and Regina. They were being nice to her so she accept their invitation to be friends with them. Cady told Janice and Daniel about it but they are against it because they know what “the plastics” truly are. But then they planned something. Cady would be friends with them but she’ll only do that to know them and to put Regina down. So Cady, Karen, Gretchen and Regina became friends. They were always together. One day, in Cady’s math class, she met Aaron, Regina’s ex boyfriend. She told Gretchen and Karen about it and the worst is Gretchen spoiled it to Regina. Being the meanest girl, Regina betrayed Cady. She get Aaron back to her but Cady didn’t show her that she’s affected. She ask Janice and Daniel for help so they worked on their mission that is to break Regina. She acted sarcastic to her until she didn’t realize that she’s having the personality of a slut. She flirt Aaron and she succeed in breaking them up. She learned how to control people like Regina. Actually, she started to act like Regina. She got Karen and Gretchen. One evening, she prepared a party on her home. Only Regina wasn’t invited, but then Regina found out all about it and not only her, even Janice and Daniel. They all got mad at her because she’s not the Cady whom they used to know. Even her parents got mad.

Day after day, she realizes what she had done so she worked hard to resolve it little by little. She started it with Regina then the other and another. The problem was completely resolved when Cady, as the “Spring Fling Queen”, grab the opportunity to apologize to them. After that, a peaceful day was experienced for the first time at their school.


Cady and I are both fifteen years old and we’re both high school student so both of us may be the same or may be not. I don’t like the fact that teenagers today are very contemporary even though I am one of them. In Cady’s case, the plastics influence her, which shows one of the weaknesses of a teenager. I didn’t mean that influencing other people is bad but I just want teenagers to have their limitation and add a little more knowledge in their action. As I watched the movie, there are many lessons that I didn’t expect to come out of my head.


  1. It's not that bad. Actually, it's kinda cute.

  2. hmmm.. not bad, girl. there might be room for improvement, but this will do for now. keep on writing to develop the skill..

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