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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unisilver time

Unisilvertime is my ultimate favorite store of watches! I love Unisilvertime so much! I started buying unisilvertime watches since high school and since then I stated to love it! I love their flairs and designs! Their designs are very exclusive and I think you can easily distinguish what a unisilver watch  from the other.
So why do I love unisilvertime that much? I love it since high school because of its durability/toughness! I had a unisilvertime watch that was bought last 2006 and up to now it is still well-functioned. That watch was my very first unisilvertime watch(aww! I forgot to take a picture of it!! I will always treasure that. By the way unisilvertime watch is so affordable! No doubt about it! I SUPER love unisilvertime watches! Anyway! Below is my newly purchased watched from Actually it is a men’s watch but I really love the style and design so I bought it by the way. It looks very sophisticated and smart to wear. I bought it through auction at You just have to be a member so you can bid and earn points! I love it! just choose open items at the left side of your screen and then choose what you like. It is so fun! I love unisilvertime! 

i love packages! =D

i love unisilver time packaging and their boxes!

Their mission is to guarantee customer satisfaction by rendering high quality service and fashionable products at reasonable prices towards a renewed standard of excellence.

Company Overview
December 2005 marked the year that UniSilver Group International Corporation introduced ‘UniSilver TIME’ in order to answer to the request of the many loyal UniSilver customers to have timepieces that would carry the same brand.
With the commitment to serve the public with the exceptional timepieces, UniSilver TIME offers only the best quality Japan movement in every wristwatch. Quality imbedded with affordability.
Apart from the best quality offered, UniSilver TIME projects unique styles that promote a high level of beauty as its designs are carefully chosen to fit every person’s desire—a different watch for every lifestyle, thus, a person can be the best he can be… for himself, for his family, for his friends, through his career, and throughout his lifetime.

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